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No Coding, All The Power

Vizlib Templates

Create and save beautiful templates to reuse in your apps, streamlining your development process. Plus, design and share branded company templates that save users time and produce consistent, professional dataviz across all your apps.

Why Vizlib?
Vizlib Workflows

Standardise and streamline your key business processes, like the approval process, in Qlik Sense. Define your own workflows with user-based security rules and access rights to include the right people and action your insights inside your Qlik dashboards.

Why Vizlib?
Vizlib Viztips

With Viztips, you can insert customised, dynamic charts in your tooltips to create an intuitive, in-context drill-down experience on hover! Plus, it’s a phenomenal tool for decluttering your dashboards and saving valuable dashboard real-estate.

Why Vizlib?
Vizlib Analytic Search

Analytic Search enables fast, easy access to your data. The familiar web-like search interface makes data exploration simple and intuitive. You can query your dataset by typing or speaking (much like a Google search), but within a governed dataset in Qlik Sense.

Why Vizlib?
Vizlib Advanced Analytics

Vizlib integrated Advanced Analytics helps you leverage sophisticated algorithms in Qlik Sense at the click of a button. Forecast trends, make predictions and uncover insights with interactive data clustering—no coding required!

Why Vizlib?
Theming & Styling

With our rich customisation capabilities, you can easily tailor chart colours, fonts and interactivity features to achieve a pixel-perfect look and have full control over how your dashboards are presented.

Why Vizlib?
Why Vizlib?

Loved by hundreds of customers around the world

Vizlib made Qlik Sense more and more popular in the CNHi analytic community and sped up the growth of the self-service community.

In roughly 2 years, leveraging the Qlik Sense self-service model, we published more than 400 dashboards supporting day-by-day business users in their decision making.

Alberto Giorgi

Lead of Qlik Center of expertise,
Global analytics at CNHi

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