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2019 by the Numbers: Vizlib Year in Review

2019 by the Numbers: Vizlib Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2019 has been our best year so far! And we’re SO grateful you were there for it all. As we’re about to enter a new decade (?), let’s look at the best moments and biggest achievements in 2019.   


vizlib top new capabilities released in 2019


1. Actions for dynamic interactions on the Vizlib KPI Designer 
2. Integrated Advanced Analytics (Line Chart & Scatter Chart)
3. Progress Bar for the Vizlib Pivot Table

4. Self-Service installer for the Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise 
5. ‘Export Data’ Action for the Vizlib Advanced Text Object 
6. Advanced visualisations within the Vizlib Custom Report

7. Adding Master Items layer in the Vizlib KPI Designer

8. Export to New Sheet within Vizlib Custom Report

9. Grid for the Vizlib Container

10. Collapse/expand all & expand/collapse at a level for Vizlib Finance Report 

vizlib year in review

1. Best practices for designing and building a great KPI dashboard
2. A Quick Introduction to Vizlib’s Advanced Analytics Capabilities for Qlik Sense
3. Why finance teams need data visualisation to tell better stories?
4. Top 5 data visualisation best practices you need to remember
5. What can data visualisation do for Pharma and Life Sciences?
6. Vizlib Qonnections Highlights In Pictures!
7. Vizlib DataViz Extensions Library for inspiration
8. Vizlib KPI Designer: What is a KPI and how to create a KPI dashboard?
9. What is the future of enterprise analytics? 14 game-changing trends for 2020 + [INFOGRAPHIC]
10. Vizlib Gantt: What is a Gantt Chart and how to use one in Qlik Sense?

vizlib year in review 2019


Finally, we’d like to say THANK YOU for your feedback, ideas and support that continue to fuel our innovation. We’ve got a lot in store for 2020 – stay tuned! 



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