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Vizlib Monday Digest: Augmenting business value with data analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest: Augmenting business value with data analytics


Monday, May 11th

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


Self-service BI – essential in modern business. According to the Dresner Advisory Services’  2020 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study, 62% of businesses feel that self-service analytics is a must-have in 2020. The report highlights the continued importance of self-service BI across various industries and functions, including Marketing and Sales, as an enabler of data storytelling. Read more in this Forbes article


If you’re trying to encourage your data users to explore data, take a look at our self-service Analytic Search blog


Vizlib Custom Report for Vizlib Self-Service - analytic search capability

Vizlib Self-Service BI capability: making search easy with Analytic Search


Predictive analytics pinpoints the best fit in HR. HR analytics adds an analytical edge to the hiring process. It can help recruiters find the best fit for a role and streamline the application process. Discover more on the changing face of HR in this Analytics Insight article


There’s definitely no better time to focus on the future of your business! To get a step ahead, read our blog on leveraging advanced analytics to future-proof your business.   


Rolling out a successful analytics business plan. Businesses need to create additional value wherever possible. And, their analytics business plan should guide them towards the best areas to generate value. Together with asking the right business questions, BI leaders can forge a path to value-driving analytics.  Read on in this TechTarget article.  


Every business needs data literate staff.  In today’s data-driven business world, data literacy is no longer the sole purview of data scientists and IT. For a business to succeed, data literacy must be addressed at all levels and across all departments. Collaboration between those using data regularly, and those learning the ropes, can help accelerate data literacy in an organisation. Discover more in this TechRepublic article


If you’re looking for ways to ramp up data literacy, take a look at our blog on increasing business opportunities through data literacy.

And, finally, celebrating the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a visionary in the healthcare field, but also a pioneer in statistics and data visualisation!  Check out her historical dataviz brilliance in this article


Image credit: sciencenews.org


And our Quote of the day, from our early data science influencer, Ms Nightingale, as she expresses herself on creating reform through her dataviz wonders: 

“Whenever I am infuriated, I revenge myself with a new diagram.” 

Florence Nightingale


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