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4 handy Viztip hacks from the Vizlib team

4 handy Viztip hacks from the Vizlib team


Viztips transform the humble tooltip into a powerful analytics tool! You can insert customised, dynamic charts into your tooltips to declutter your dashboards and save dashboard space. 


You’ll find it’s a great way to set up an intuitive, in context drill-down experience on hover and encourage more users to explore data confidently! 


Jump straight to grandmaster level proficiency with your Viztips in Qlik Sense with these 4 Viztip hacks from our Vizlib team:

Hack 1: Dynamically update other charts on the sheet



Viztips enable users to see additional charts on the sheet update at the same time as they hover over specific dimensions in the main sheet – synchronised dataviz at a glance!


Hack 2:  Show different visualisations as you hover over different dimensions



With Viztips you can trigger on-chart analytics by hovering over different dimensions. View additional context, specific to each dimension or data point you hover over, without having to drill down in the dashboard. 


Hack 3:  Show related images in your Viztip


Add images, like product shots or employee photos, in your Viztip to add visual context and speed up the time to insights without overwhelming the user.


Hack 4:  Get sneak previews of selections before drilling down 


Get additional context on hover before drilling down into more detail, for intuitive, streamlined analysis. Plus, you’ll save on performance, as the whole dashboard doesn’t need to be recalculated. 


We hope you find these hacks useful! And we’d love to hear about any Vizlib hacks you’ve discovered too! 


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