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4 powerful features in Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense
February 28, 2022

4 powerful features in Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense

Are you struggling to plan, organise, and visualise your project planning in Qlik Sense? With Vizlib Gantt, we’ve got you covered.

Vizlib Gantt is packed with advanced capabilities to help you keep projects on track, optimise resources, maintain a 360-view of the entire project timeline, and improve your product planning. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple the project is.

Here are 4 powerful features included with Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense.

Setup Wizard for easy Gantt creation

With the Setup Wizard for Vizlib Gantt, you or anyone in your organisation can quickly and easily create a fully-functional Gantt chart in under a minute. This eliminates the need for in-depth training and can speed up the project process.

To set up the Gantt, you’ll need to define the events, dates, progress type and an event tag. The visualisation can be further customised by choosing between a date or duration end type, various groups, default focus and time ranges, as well as colour and theme. After that, you’re ready to go!

Tooltips to add more context

Custom Tooltips, which are also available in Vizlib Library, are a fantastic way to display more information without adding any clutter to your Gantt. Any user with even the slightest bit of HTML knowledge – from big-idea entrepreneurs to interns – can add Tooltips in Vizlib Gantt.

The Tooltips feature is split into two versions:

1. Basic, which includes, for example, linked images in HTML.
2. Advanced, which utilises advanced expressions, like dynamic fields.

Once created, the user can hover their cursor over a dimension to view the newly-created Tooltip.

Gantt Export to fit your format needs

Vizlib Gantt allows users to easily export their Gantt in multiple ways, which includes images (both PNG and JPG are supported), PDF, Full PDF, Excel, CSV, and TSV. Just right-click in the Gantt and select which export option you prefer.

When you export the Gantt, you can use custom or pre-defined sizes for images, PDFs will replicate what’s on-screen and the full PDF will show the entire Gantt. Using the CSV, Excel, or TSV options will export the Gantt in the relevant format while preserving the structure of your chart. All of these options allow users to integrate Vizlib Gantt into external reporting or presenting requirements.

Search & Navigation to quickly find the info you need

There are many different ways to quickly navigate your Vizlib Gantt. By using the plus and minus symbols (or the scroll wheel on your mouse), you can zoom in and out of your Gantt. The calendar snap will display a list of common time ranges. And the search bar allows you to search for any event; suggestions that also match the search criteria will be displayed.

Users can also pan in vertical and horizontal ways in their Gantt chart by left-clicking on the Gantt visualisations and dragging it in any direction. The same outcome can be obtained by using the built-in horizontal and vertical scroll bars. And more!

Every navigational option has been carefully built to give Vizlib Gantt users a complete overview of their project without having to fuss about hard-to-find details.

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