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October 20, 2021

Qlik Sense dashboards for agriculture

As the Earth’s population expands, so does the need for increased food production. This is a difficult undertaking that requires extensive planning and resources. However, with the assistance of Qlik Sense data dashboards, it’s possible to simplify this complex task.

Analytics helps predict crop yields

Data analytics enables farmers to predict crop yields. Combining information such as previous seasons and soil, weather, and irrigation data makes it possible to accurately predict the yield.

These additional insights help the farmer to plan exactly when crops should be planted and when they are ready for harvesting. As a result, they can reduce unnecessary waste, and reduce labour hours.

A Qlik Sense data dashboard enables anyone in the organisation to see the yield projections and data in an easy-to-understand way. From the company’s accountant to fruit pickers, they can analyse, predict and manage crop yield with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Greater visibility with drone analytics

Many farmers are shifting from manual scouting and crop evaluation to drone mapping technology to remain competitive and maximise their land and other resource usages.

Farmers can use drones to fly over different sectors every day, taking photos of the crops and providing vital data in minutes. This data is then filtered through a visual mapping engine providing farmers with a constant overview of their crops to support fast, accurate decisions.

Another benefit of drone mapping is improved planning and planting. The detailed, accurate visual data farmers can access enables them to plan the layout of new crops, and optimise planting. For example, grapes grown for wine can vary greatly in taste depending on the elevation, soil type, or if they are planted in a mountainous region.

The benefits of Qlik Sense dashboards

By filtering agricultural information through an associative engine, like Qlik’s, it’s possible to compare various stats, like historical data and foliage, to plan out the growth of your crops.

With the implementation of a Qlik Sense dashboard, farmers and planners can have a complete overview of the best areas for planting new crops before they plant a single seed in the ground.

There are many different ways that data can help farmers grow the perfect crops, but the data needs to be usable. By using a combination of Qlik and Vizlib Collaboration, anyone in the organisation can comment on different data points and highlight points of interest, without leaving Qlik. A good way to fast-track decisions and move closer to precision agriculture or smart farming!

For hassle-free project and task management, Vizlib Gantt can assist farmers in planning out the life cycles of their crops in a simple, visual way for smoother resource management.

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