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Dashboarding in Qlik Sense
October 31, 2019

Analysing the horrors of Halloween


Bar charts are a great way to display information. In this spooky dashboard, you can see a data analysis of horror movies displayed in two different Bar charts. The charts allow you to make an easy comparison between a range of scary movies.

In fact, Bar charts are fantastic at revealing data trends as they can reflect historical data too. According to Forbes, “They’re a staple in the data visualization arsenal.” So we know they help business leaders visualise and demonstrate key insights quickly. 


The Bar chart is an easy-to-understand visualisation tool and a great way to communicate data to people at all data literacy levels.


Two Bar chart types you’ve probably come across frequently are: 


  1. Horizontal: The bars are displayed horizontally and allow you to easily compare the varying bar lengths to draw business insights.
  2. Vertical: Displays bars vertically and guides your thinking to the magnitude each bar represents.

The benefits of the Vizlib Bar Chart  


The Vizlib Bar Chart is an extension to the native Qlik Sense Object and includes extensive customisation and formatting options.


You can use the dynamic extension to visualise and compare data with grouped bars, stacked bars or overlapping bars. 


And, you benefit from the Vizlib Bar Chart features such as:


  • Fully customisable Multi-Bar Chart with rich formatting options to create the personalised chart you need for specific data storytelling
  • A wide selection of symbols as data point representations to add flare to your Bar charts and maintain the viewer’s attention on key points
  • Adding reference lines for the x and y-axis or benchmark bars for metrics to provide targets and encourage productivity
  • Support for Alternative Dimensions & Measures for easy, user-friendly access to alternative data and efficient analysis
  • Support for Alternate States, which enables you to perform comparative analysis between sets of multiple data items and conveniently remain on one dashboard!
Vizlib Bar Chart in action!


For more information on the Vizlib Bar Chart, click here. 


We hope you enjoy your scary movie selection and wish you a Happy Halloween! ?

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