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August 29, 2019

Vizlib August 2019 Release


All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.


Add HTML Custom Tooltip to the Vizlib Line Chart!

We’ve created a powerful new HTML tool-tip for the Vizlib Line Chart that lets you display any custom content in the Tooltip section! 


[Release Notes]


Vizlib Line Object Released!


Segment your dashboard any which way with our newest library extension, the Vizlib Line Object for Qlik Sense! Choose from preset colour schemes or custom pick your own, plus a range of styles to suit any kind of application. Try it out  for visibly clearer dashboards in seconds! ?


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All-Inclusive KPI designer for Qlik Sense


Our all-inclusive KPI designer for Qlik Sense is here! ? Why limit yourself to layering when you can add ANY Vizlib or native Master Item to your KPI? ? Enjoy complete freedom when positioning your charts and create pixel-perfect, bespoke KPIs that meet your needs!


[Release Notes]


Pie Chart Layer in Vizlib KPI


The Vizlib KPI Designer for Qlik Sense has a new addition, the PIE CHART LAYER ?‍♂️?. Bake up a storm with a wide breadth of custom styling options directly in the ever-responsive Vizlib KPI Designer.


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? 5 NEW features for the iconic Vizlib Pivot Table

? 5 NEW features for the iconic Vizlib Pivot Table to ensure the BEST data analytics experience in Qlik Sense. ? Even more exporting options: super-fast or enriched formatting ? More intuitive with the option to open on ‘the most recent data’ ? Better UX with the ability to highlight on hover ? More responsive design with fully user-adjustable cells to fit on any screen ?



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Upcoming Webinar

Driving Smarter HCP Engagement Through Visual Analytics

Click the link below to save your place now!


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Summer Enablement Webinar


Have you tried the Vizlib Mekko Chart for Qlik Sense yet? Or the upgraded Table? Join us on the Summer Enablement webinar ? to get a quick but insightful tour around ALL the new features and releases! https://lnkd.in/dhBMYyN




Welcome Joe Warbington! ?


? The news is OUT and we are incredibly excited to welcome Joe Warbington to the V-team!!! After 5+ smashing years at Qlik, Joe has made a name for himself as a true analytics champion. We’re delighted he’ll be heading our Industry Solutions projects and working with customers in all verticals to unlock the true potential of Vizlib + Qliksense. Read our interview with Joe ? https://lnkd.in/dhK8STj



Our FIRST big company meeting!


Earlier this month we had our FIRST big company meeting that brought together (almost) all Vizlibbers from 4 different offices. As they say, find what you love to do and you won’t have to work a day in your life. 





Vizlib August 2019 Changelog:


Released 30/08/2019

Vizlib Library:



Vizlib Sheet Menu:




Performance ?

  • Improvement to Vizlib Sheet Menu Initial load time (v1.9.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Dragging to reorder top menu elements (within groups) is not working (v1.9.0)
  • Top Sheet Menu navigation bar disappearing (v1.9.0)
  • Unexpected “calculation Condition is not fulfilled” error message on the Vizlib Pivot Table (v1.9.0)
  • Vizlib Sheet Menu mobile has the native selection header missing (v1.9.0)
  • “Access is denied” error showed on published apps after update (v1.8.2)
  • Vizlib Sheet Menu – Duplicated tab on the top menu when a selection is made (v1.8.1)
  • Hide base sheets functionality was not working (v1.8.1)



Vizlib KPI Designer:




New Features ⚡️

  • Implemented Master Items layer (v1.6.0)
  • Implemented Pie Chart layer (v1.6.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Context menu (right-click) missing from Internet Explorer (v1.6.0)
  • Gauge layer color discrepancy with Internet Explorer (v1.6.0)
  • KPI Design mode is not aligning properly (v1.6.0)



Line Chart:




New Features ⚡️

  • Implement auto option for number of ticks in y-axis (v3.1.0)
  • Add HTML Custom Tool-tip to the Vizlib Line Chart (v3.1.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Certain tool-tips were missing from lines (v3.1.0)
  • Browser Memory Optimization (v3.0.1)



Vizlib Table:




New Features ⚡️

  • Introduce Formatted XLSX Excel export in Vizlib Table (v3.5.0)
  • Custom Bulletchart colors per row (v3.5.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Total header missing after switching column representation between non-text types (v3.5.0)
  • Some text alignment settings shows table values out of visible area when “merge cells” setting enabled (v3.5.0)
  • Format lost when switching between “Relative to total” (v3.5.0)



Vizlib Scatter Chart




New Features ⚡️

  • Browser Memory Optimization (v3.0.2)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Tooltip appears off-screen (v3.0.2)



Vizlib Container:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add option to “show blank space when condition is not met” (v2.3.0)
  • Add alternate states to Vizlib Container (v2.2.0)



Vizlib Pivot:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add “Auto fit” option in wrap text (2.7.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Blank cells/area shown after making selections (2.7.1)
  • Vizlib Pivot table Wizard alternatives are missing ability to scroll through dimensions (2.7.1)



Vizlib Bar Chart:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add “multi-line horizontal format” option for dimension labels in Vizlib Bar Chart (v2.1.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Disabling the Zero Values hides bars (v2.1.0)
  • Incorrect rounding on the displayed values (v2.1.0)



Vizlib Sankey Chart:




New Features ⚡️

  • Browser Memory Optimization (v1.6.3)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Tooltip in wrong place on mashup (CSS issue with scrolling in mashup) (v1.6.3)



Vizlib Pie Chart:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Pie Chart printing during animations when using NPrinting (v1.6.5)
  • Legend not responsive when Pie Chart small (v1.6.5)







Bug Fixes ?

  • Tooltip in wrong place on scrollable pages (v1.10.1)



Vizlib Line Object 1.0.0 Released!





Bug Fixes ?

  • Black line on the left side of object when shown in mashup (1.0.1)
  • Line object missing support for some html colors (1.0.1)



Vizlib Venn Diagram




New Features ⚡️

  • Browser Memory Optimization (v1.6.4)



Self Service Selection Bar:





New Features ⚡️

  • Dates range filters and single date picker do not apply selection (v1.6.3)



Self Service Custom Report:



Bug Fixes ?

  • Console errors during switching between data. (v3.0.1)
  • Adding to Master Items generated console errors (v3.0.1)
  • “Remove” icon not available on Selected item label (v3.0.1)
  • Custom report doesn’t work inside container extensions (v3.0.1)



Self Service KPI




Bug Fixes ?

  • Incorrect icon displayed after specifying conditions 



Extension Versions:


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