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Build specialised dashboards for faster insights with Vizlib Library

Build specialised dashboards for faster insights with Vizlib Library

Vizlib Library is a powerful no-code data analytics solution for Qlik Sense that empowers organisations to move faster and achieve more through easy-to-build data visualizations. In healthcare, Vizlib Library allows teams to create custom dashboards with a range of specialised features designed to support collaboration, integrated analytics, fast insights, and quality decision-making. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss some examples of how Vizlib Library can supercharge analytics in the healthcare industry, and break down some of the key features that make a difference.

The power of an integrated analytics system in healthcare

Integrated analytics means infusing your data insights solution into everyday workflows and applications, helping employees and customers make smarter decisions. In order to do this, you need a tool that’s easy to use and accessible to the everyday Business User, without compromising on analytics capabilities.

The need for this within healthcare – where speed, collaboration, and accuracy are critical – is evident. Built for the future, Vizlib Library has integrated, advanced analytics at its core. Our tool is designed to be integrated into everyday workflows and data analysis, to enable fast access to powerful insight that can have a very real impact on people’s lives. 

Use cases for specialised dashboards in healthcare and how they benefit teams and patients

One thing that sets Vizlib Library apart is its wealth of compatible data sources. This means streamlined handling of big data in Qlik Sense, so healthcare organisations can easily measure, manage, and analyse data. This includes data from clinical, operational, and financial sources and impacts everything from patient care and quality of life, to epidemic management and cost control. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of how Vizlib Library can support healthcare – from customised pharmaceutical analytics, to mega information-rich dashboards.

Modernising pharmaceutical analytics with intuitive UX and customisation

Phoenix LV is a leader in the pharmaceutical distribution market in the Czech Republic and forms part of the Phoenix Group. In healthcare, gold-standard reporting, compliance and building trust with partners, customers, and stakeholders is crucial. With more than 20 highly customisable dashboard components, Vizlib Library has been key in ensuring their reporting is compliant with strict reporting standards that often specify colour use and other design features. 

Specifically, Vizlib Templates are pre-designed charts which can help you create and share customised templates with your entire organisation in just a few clicks. And with no need for coding knowledge, Business Users and developers alike can gather insights with ease, leaving more time to focus on higher level tasks.

Phoenix LV case study dashboard

We spoke to Karel, a Data Engineer at Phoenix LV, who noted how user-friendly Vizlib Library is. Specifically, he made a point of praising Viztips – the next-level capability that enables you to insert customised, dynamic charts and other additional information in your Vizlib Library tooltips.

Vizlib Library is an amazing product and enhancement. I’m really enjoying the features like the Viztips. These are the little details that make our reports better and prettier, plus easier for the end user.” – Karel Lebr, Data Engineer, Phoenix LV

But the user-friendly design doesn’t stop there! Vizlib Actions – which is also available in Vizlib Collaboration – allows users to create and link shortcuts across apps. There are more than 30 of them, featured across a number of Vizlib extensions. So, your users have access to everything they need, whenever they need it. Read the full case study, here.

Streamlining patient flows for shorter wait times

Now onto the (even) bigger picture. The Healthcare Wait Times ‘quick-glance dashboard,’ below, demonstrates how information-rich dashboards can be made easy to use. Vizlib’s intelligent design enables you to highlight key information, with the opportunity to dig deeper into the details if needed. 

Streamlining patient flows for shorter wait times dashboard

Interactive features like the Slider can be used to edit thresholds and quickly identify areas of inefficiency in hospital wait times. Other key features you might recognise are KPI Designer, Sheet Menu, and Venn Diagram

Download this example and find more on our Demo Apps page.

Download Vizlib Library and start gathering powerful insights, today

Leveraging Vizlib’s value-added products for Qlik Sense helps everyone on your team – even those with no coding experience – better understand the drivers of success, costs of delivery and medical outcomes.

So what are you waiting for?

Getting started with Vizlib Library is simple. The drag-and-drop interface allows for experimentation, so you can play with features, and tailor a solution to your business. Download Vizlib Library here, today. 

Set your data free. Unlock the power of Qlik Cloud. Vizlib enhances the capabilities of data visualization and analytics to give you unparalleled insight. Know faster and act sooner, with Vizlib.

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