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Vizlib Teamwork: Connect and collaborate instantly

Vizlib Teamwork: Connect and collaborate instantly

Finding the perfect teamwork tool for your Qlik Sense data dashboards can be difficult. Do you opt for a chat system that lives outside of your data ecosystem, or do you use tried and tested, yet cumbersome emails? With Vizlib Teamwork, a core part of Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense, you don’t need to choose between these functions.

Let’s break down why Teamwork is the ideal solution for any company looking to communicate faster on all of their insights.

Every discussion in one place

Vizlib Teamwork seamlessly brings together your data and teams in Qlik Sense. Say goodbye to siloed communication and isolated groups, and hello to streamlined collaboration.

With integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email, Vizlib Teamwork helps you collaborate in real-time and stay where the data is, instead of constantly navigating away from Qlik Sense.

Your teams can streamline insight discovery and sharing, as well as resolve problems faster. This reduces the time it takes to query a data point, letting project teams focus on what really matters.

One destination for collaboration

Full team collaboration should be at the heart of any project. In fact, it is an essential part of any organisation.

Comment threads are built into Vizlib Teamwork and let your team ask questions, add more context (see more on this below), or give feedback on a specific message. Because threads remain connected to the original message, all of this can be done without disrupting the conversation.

All comments can be tied together with categories for a visually better way to organise communication. All conversations are searchable so you never lose track of valuable insights. These are surefire tools to fast-track insight discovery and sharing, and problem-solving across the business.

With the addition of Workflows (only accessible to Enterprise users), users can move through a list of states to track the progress of a thread or comment.

Adding context to data

When it comes to data discovery, context is king!

Humans are visual learners, which is why Vizlib Teamwork lets you add additional visual context when collaborating. Add charts or images to keep the discussion moving, while sharing valuable insights with other members.

Stay on top of comments

The entire organisation can manage how they’re informed about new comments. Subscribe to weekly or daily email summaries so you’re not overloaded with messages. Get in-app notifications whenever you’re mentioned in a chat and stay in the discussion loop!

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