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Create highly functional, interactive dashboards with Vizlib Library

Create highly functional, interactive dashboards with Vizlib Library

Create highly functional interactive dashboards with Vizlib Library, the ultimate Qlik Sense partner. Our user-friendly extensions make it easy for organisations of all sizes to showcase their data insights in a highly compelling and interactive way.

No need for coding expertise – our no-code data analytics and visualization features smoothly integrate with Qlik Sense. With Vizlib Library, you can transform analytics into a more collaborative, intuitive, and accessible process for your team.

Read on to discover how Vizlib Library’s Essential Charts, Advanced Charts, and Advanced formatting options can enhance the capabilities of Qlik Saas and Qlik Sense.

Features of Vizlib Library for Customisation

Our platform includes over 20 customisable charts, tables, UX components, and navigational elements to help you derive insights faster than ever before. Some of the features included in the Vizlib Library are:

Essential Charts 

Revamp your data visualization game with the ultimate multitasking charts for your dashboard. Our essential charts come with advanced capabilities to enhance the most popular dashboarding extensions, including custom HTML tooltips, benchmark bars, and support for alternative states. With reference lines and customisable backgrounds, you can easily create stunning data displays with the following charts:

  • Line Chart: Perfect for displaying trends over time.
  • Scatter Chart: Ideal for visualising relationships between two variables.
  • Bar Chart: Great for comparing categorical data.
  • Combo chart: Displays multiple chart types on a single chart object.
  • Pie Chart: Useful for displaying proportions of a whole.
  • Grid Chart: Displays multiple dimensions and measures in a single table.

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Advanced Charts 

Charts that enable users to create extra detailed and visually appealing dashboards. Offering full control over interactivity options and rich formatting, Vizlibs Advanced Charts include:

  • Sankey Chart: Displays the change and flow of values between nodes.
  • KPI Designer: This chart enables you to create customised KPIs for your dashboard.
  • Activity Gauge: Allows you to display progress towards a goal.
  • Heatmap: Displays the concentration of data across categories.
  • Story Timeline: This chart enables you to create interactive timelines for your dashboard.
  • Venn Diagram: Displays the similarity or relationships between data sets.
  • Mekko Chart: Displays relative values across a series of categorical data (similar to multiple bar charts).
  • Waterfall Chart: Displays the change in value over time.
  • Ridgeline Plot: Visualises the distribution of a variable across multiple categories.
  • Flow Chart: Displays the flow of a process or a sequence of events.

Advanced formatting options 

Our powerful visual analytics product comes with different advanced capabilities.

  • Slider: Versatile component designed for Qlik Sense that enables you to customise and set variable values. With Slider actions, you can easily control their dashboards and unlock a seamless data discovery experience.
  • Advanced Text Object: Vizlib Advanced Text Object (VATO) is a highly customisable table extension for Qlik Sense, packed with advanced features, such as HTML code support, tooltips, and convenient content copying through right-click functionality.
  • Calendar: Control component designed to assist with managing and presenting date fields in a user-friendly manner. It provides a wealth of customisation options to facilitate effortless creation of dashboards.
  • Filter: Filter component designed specifically for Qlik Sense that allows for easy selection within the data model. It provides reliable support and customisation options to enhance your user experience. 
  • Line Object: Extension that enables you to divide and organise your dashboard according to your preferences. With the flexibility to choose styles, colours, alignments, and orientations, this extension offers the fastest way to structure and lay out your Qlik Sense application.
  • Button: Powerful tool designed to enhance your user experience of guided analytics for both desktop and mobile users. By combining Vizlib Button with the API functionality of Vizlib Actions, you can create convenient shortcuts, seamlessly navigate your app, and uncover valuable insights.
  • Switch: Flexible tool that provides control over your data variables. With Vizlib Switch, you can conveniently toggle measures, dimensions, or colours on and off, and switch between charts within your container grid.
  • Sheet Menu: Widget that allows you to create a web app-styled dashboard within Qlik Sense. Vizlib Sheet Menu will enhance the navigation and user experience.

With all these features, you will be able to say goodbye to boring data analytics and hello to stunning visualizations. 

Enhance your Qlik Sense investment with Vizlib Library 

With Vizlib, you can enhance your Qlik experience with enterprise-ready features, fully compatible with the Qlik Analytics platform, and seamlessly tie in with Qlik’s pricing model.

Vizlib Library integrates with Qlik Sense, letting you leverage the power of Qlik’s analytics platform while enhancing it with Vizlib’s advanced features. This integration also allows you to effortlessly incorporate Vizlib extensions into your existing Qlik Sense environment, expanding its capabilities and taking your data analytics to new heights.

Vizlib Library is flexible and scalable, catering to the needs of organisations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Vizlib can adapt to your requirements. Its enterprise-ready features ensure that you can rely on its performance, security, and stability even in the most demanding environments.

Moreover, Vizlib Library provides extensive support for various Qlik products and functionalities. Whether you’re using Mashups to embed analytics into your web applications, utilising Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes (QSEoK) for containerised deployments, leveraging Story Mode for interactive storytelling, generating reports with nPrinting, or accessing dashboards on iPads or mobile devices, Vizlib has the necessary compatibility to enhance your user experience across these platforms.

How to get started with Vizlib Library 

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your Qlik Sense environment and create highly functional, interactive dashboards, getting started with Vizlib Library is quick and easy. Simply refer to our dedicated article for more information on how to install and configure Vizlib Library within your Qlik Sense setup.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our friendly staff is always available to book a demo or guide you through the setup process. Visit our technical page to access resources, documentation, and support that will help you maximise the benefits of Vizlib Library.

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your dashboarding experience with Vizlib Library. Take advantage of its extensive customisation options, advanced charts, and seamless integration with Qlik Sense to create visually stunning and interactive dashboards that captivate your audience and drive data analytics.

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