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Why data literacy is essential to data accessibility

Why data literacy is essential to data accessibility

Data literacy for all. But is data accessible to all?  Data accessibility is vital, because not only should everyone in your organisation should have access to data, but secondly, they should be able to work with the data.

Access can no longer be limited to data or IT specialists but should be open to all employees.

Why? Because sharing is caring.

Also, because data is a vital resource, and its value increases as more people in your business work with it.

With today’s analytics solutions, more of the technical functions happen “under the hood”,  making the software more user-friendly. This helps considerably in boosting the confidence of those new to the analytics world. Especially when interfaces also utilise familiar looking design and functionality, such as Google-style search.

One key thing Angelika Klidas, our partner from Bitmetric, always reiterates is:

Data literacy needs to be embraced by everyone at every level!

Angelika, also a proponent of training and development in the field, is one of the speakers at our upcoming webinar: Data Literacy for ALL.

Hosted by our VP of Industry Solutions, Joe Warbington, this webinar will include these phenomenal panellists: Emily Cline (Senior Solutions Architect, Vizlib), Angelika Klidas (Operations Manager, Bitmetric), Rob O’Neill  (Director, EMEA Field CTO – Healthcare, DataRobot), and Kabir Rab (Solution Architect, Tahola).

Together, we’ll be exploring data literacy best practices, common challenges and strategies to follow to empower everyone in your organisation to make informed decisions!

👉 Rob shared his thoughts on why data literacy is important:

Having worked in analytical roles within the UK’s National Health Service for almost 20 years I’ve experienced first-hand how critical it is to empower staff to maximise their use of analytical solutions. Data literacy skills help them make data-driven decisions that improve patient care and operational decision-making.

👉 And here’s what motivates Kabir:

Data is not just for a select few, it is for everyone. This drives my data literacy passion and my “Kids in Data” journey. When you tell a good story, people listen. Not just listen, they get inspired and share that story. So why not share that storytelling skill with the masses – allow them to tell a story with data, motivate each other and drive change. I recall watching “The Fallen of WWII” by Neil Halloran. The way he was able to tell a story using data truly inspired my 8-year-old to learn more about WWII and understand its impact. I want to empower people with that storytelling power by encouraging data literacy awareness from a young age!

👉 Our VP of Industry Solutions, Joe Warbington, shared these wise words:

Data Literacy isn’t only about reading data. It’s being curious about it, questioning it. Our lives are increasingly measured, influenced, and even controlled by data – we should be sceptical of data and yearn to understand how it was gathered, how it’s used (for good and bad), and how to derive the value from it for business and personal growth!

👉 Emily also explained why she advocates data literacy:

I am passionate about data literacy because I’ve seen first-hand the overwhelming amount of data that organisations produce and the vast chasm between that data and their data-driven decisions. I believe that data literacy is a skill, like reading, that we all need to learn. It is fundamental for communicating in our modern world.  That’s why I’m eager to help others visualise and understand data simply, as though they’re reading their favourite novel!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with these data literacy champions! And share the power of data literacy with everyone in your organisation!





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