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June 30, 2022

Data storytelling with Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense

What do you do when you have at least two years’ worth of raw sales data that must be presented to the rest of the company in a captivating and easy-to-digest way? Will you run the information through LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel, add a few generic graphs to a PowerPoint, and hope that no one is too bored by all of the numbers? Or will you use data storytelling to create compelling visuals and interactive dashboards that anyone can explore at their own leisure?

We have the answer for you: data storytelling with Vizlib Library.

Weaving a tale with data storytelling

So, what is data storytelling? It’s an effective method of merging narrative and visualisations to tell a story – the story about your data. By showing off all of the sales information in a way that anyone can understand it, the organisation can make informed decisions by viewing the data in an easy-to-understand context.

If your company is using Qlik (an analytics platform that is easy to adopt), you can use Vizlib Library to supercharge your visualisations. Let’s dive into a few Library extensions that you can incorporate into your new data storytelling adventure.

Vizlib Actions to speed up tasks

With the power of Vizlib Actions, users can easily speed up everyday data dashboard and app-creation tasks, giving them more time to focus on the essentials. They provide a number of ways to link shortcuts across dashboards to reduce the steps needed to achieve your goals.

From quick selection and deselection of fields, to selecting all possible fields when other selections have been made. You can also add set variables and other complex Qlik features to Vizlib visualisations to provide a higher complexity and functionality to your Qlik sheets. This allows you to draw the viewer’s attention to select data instead of info-dumping it all at once.

Vizlib Tooltips to add more context

The Vizlib Tooltips are a fantastic way to save valuable space on your Qlik Sheet. They can be used to reduce visual clutter by showing users more information without them needing to drill down the data.

A Tooltip can either be composed of basic HTML code, or more advanced syntax incorporating tables and CSS.

Vizlib Advanced Text Objects

When creating a data dashboard, you may want to show external data or websites, whether it be a social media page, ecommerce website, or anything else. This can be easily accomplished with Vizlib Advanced Text Object.

Vizlib Advanced Text Object is a highly customisable, supported and feature-rich table extension for Qlik Sense. You can copy and paste in the URL for any website to bring external web pages and applications into Qlik Sense through an iframe.

Vizlib Viztips

Viztips are yet another way that Vizlib Library helps to add more depth to your Qlik Sheets with dynamically-driven information. By hovering over a data point on a dashboard, you can view helpful information instantly.

For example, the Vizlib Flow Chart can present a user with this information without increasing application complexity or overwhelming the Qlik Sheet with too much visual noise.

A simple integration with visualisations, like the Vizlib KPI Designer, provides this extra layer of data analytics for a more complete picture.

Are you ready to wow your business with data insights and visualisations that capture their attention? Then sign up for a free Vizlib Trial.

You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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