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June 17, 2021

Eagles & Putts: Vizlib’s PGA US Open Tournament app

It’s the start of the 2021 US Open PGA Tournament 🏌️‍♂️ – the largest men’s golf tournament in the United States. Players from all over the world participate for a chance to win the converted cup 🏆. To celebrate the event, Vizlib has created an app to visually showcase some of the tournament’s history.

A birdie of an app

By combining Vizlib Library and Self-Service products for Qlik Sense, the Vizlib boffins used a range of tools to visualise all of the statistics. The PGA US Open app allows users to view leaderboards from the 2020 and 2019 iterations of the championship.

But that’s not all. The PGA Historical tab shows off a range of information all the way back to 2014, including player wins, strokes, and putts.

And then, we have Player Metrics, a robust visualisation of every player that has taken part in the competition since 2014.

PGA US Open Tournament app


Create on-par apps

What did Vizlib use to put all of this data together? Our Library and Self-Service product for Qlik Sense, of course. We used Tiles to develop tile-style summaries, Line Chart to display a range of data, Filter to keep the data organised in its respective tabs, KPI designer for eye-catching trends, and Sheet Menu and Filter to make selections easy.

By combining all of these extensions, we were able to create an in-depth golfing app for PGA enthusiasts.

But don’t just think it’s the app developers at Vizlib that can create apps like this — anyone can! All of Vizlib’s products for Qlik Sense have been designed with usability in mind, even if you have no coding experience. We constantly tweak and refine our offerings to make them as easy to use and implement as possible.

And Vizlib doesn’t only offer self-service solutions. In fact, Vizlib Library is perfect for creating interactive dashboards, Gantt for project planning visualisation, Collaboration for teamwork and writeback, and Finance for next level finance reports!

Keen to take a swing? You can download the PGA US Open demo here.

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