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Qlik Sense Extensions for enterprise business analytics

Qlik Sense Extensions for enterprise business analytics

Enterprises business analytics is a big deal, so let’s look at some big statistics to match. According to Microstrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics report, 94% of enterprises believe data and analytics is important to their organisation’s digital transformation efforts. 65% are planning on increasing their investment in data analytics going forward. 

That’s no surprise; companies deploying data analysis in their firms enjoy an 8% uplift in profitability and can lower their operations costs by 10%. 69% of companies found that data analytics were helping them make better strategic decisions, and 54% found it improved their operational processes. 

Caught your breath after all those percentages? It’s important to keep in mind that, while data analytics unlock enormous opportunities, there are challenges to navigate. The average enterprise has 347.56TB of data, and cutting through the noise to create impactful, actionable insights is key. 

And that’s why it’s so important to choose the right business analytics partners.  

Vizlib is your enterprise business analytics solution 

Vizlib offers a powerful suite of solutions to maximise your investment in  Qlik Sense, enhancing your enterprise business analytics and creating new opportunities. 


Vizlib’s solutions for Qlik Sense are designed to handle large datasets effortlessly. That means you can harness the power of data analytics without worrying about infrastructure limitations or performance bottlenecks.

Need to add more user licences? Try out a new use case? It couldn’t be easier. You can build a bespoke data-analytics package that meets your exact requirements. 

Purpose built 

Qlik + Vizlib are established leaders in enterprise-level data analytics. This powerful combination means your company can benefit from best-in-class performance and functionalities, right out of the box. 

Vizlib has been specifically designed to get as much value as possible from your investment in Qlik Sense. From unparalleled project management to better financial reporting, we’ve leveraged our years of experience to create solutions that go far beyond what can be achieved through in-house development. 

Not only are you benefiting from cutting-edge analytics, you’re also in safe hands. It’s important to partner with trusted, accredited platforms to ensure you are meeting your data security requirements. Check out our blog for more information on how Qlik and Vizlib support your data security 

User friendly 

Gone are the days when data analytics were confined to dedicated teams of data analysts. In the modern workplace, every department, operation and platform can be infused with data. This encourages informed decision-making, and ultimately drives business success. 

If you want to ensure that those without a Business Intelligence background can benefit from your business analytics, it’s  more important than ever that your BI solutions are user-friendly.

Vizlib’s intuitive drag and drop interface empowers more of your organisation to adopt your BI solutions, so everyone has access to the data they need. 

It’s also important that information can be shared in an accessible and effective way. Powerful interactive features create impactful data stories, while collaborative functionalities unlock a whole new way to action, edit and capture your data in Qlik Sense.

We love talking about empowering your workforce through data. Check out our blog here, or download our free eBook on putting business users in the driver’s seat here

Ever growing, ever changing, ever improving 

In a rapidly changing business landscape, enterprises need analytics solutions that can keep pace with the latest advancements. 

Vizlib is committed to continuous improvement, regularly updating our offerings so we stay right at the cutting edge of data analytics technology. Just look how many exciting enhancements and new features we introduced in the first 6 months of 2023! 

This dedication to innovation ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, with functionalities and opportunities that far outstrip those available through native Qlik Sense alone. 

Interactive Vizlib in action

Vizlib for beautiful, interactive, functional dashboards 

Account management 

Enterprise organisations often require personalised support and a dedicated point of contact. Vizlib provides a tailored experience to our enterprise customers, with a designated customer success manager, support via live chat, email or video, prioritised feature requests, and more. 

That means you can rely on us to address your specific needs, answer your questions promptly, and provide expert guidance throughout your data analytics journey.

Ready to take your enterprise business analytics to the next level?

Enterprises from Vodafone to JBS are already using Vizlib’s powerful data analytics. You can read more about their experience here: Success Stories.

If you’d like to create a success story of your own, book a demo to learn how Vizlib can transform your business analytics with: 

Getting more from your data, and your investment in Qlik Sense, can start today!

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Go beyond native Qlik Sense to supercharge your analytics

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