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15:00 GMT 2020 | 07:00 ET

From insights to action

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How to drive future-proof decisions with intuitive analytics. Plus how to adapt quickly to the shifting business landscape.

Data and analytics are playing an ever-more critical role in business and finance. And given the current global situation, it's a trend that is poised to accelerate rapidly over the next few years. Are you future-proofing your company’s analytics capabilities?

One of the most prominent challenges organizations are facing today is a highly fragmented analytics landscape that makes it difficult for departments to share data insights and collaborate on data projects to drive more business value. In this joint webinar with our Partners, we will explore the immense potential of collaborating within Qlik Sense, leveraging predictive analytics, and visual planning to stay ahead of operational performance issues and market trends.

Here’s a quick intro to Vizlib’s Advanced Analytics capabilities

Discover the best approach to data forecasting post-pandemic

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  • Brief introduction from Vizlib and Climber
  • A real life example of forecasting in hospitality
  • From insights to action in Qlik Sense: Vizlib Showcase
  • Quick tips & hacks
  • Live Q&A

Presented by

Joe Warbington

Joe Warbington

Senior Director of Industry Solutions at Vizlib

Daniel Häggroth

Daniel Häggroth

BI Manager and AI wiz at Climber


The event is happening at 15:00 GMT, October 23, 2020

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