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Fighting the pandemic with good data and compassion: a Qlik Sense contact tracing app

Fighting the pandemic with good data and compassion: a Qlik Sense contact tracing app

During unpredictable times, humans need to stand together. Collectively, we can solve really big problems, especially when we add technology to the mix. Though COVID-19 has forever changed our world, not all its effects were adverse. A flood of data visualisations continually provide us with healthcare-related information on a global scale in near real-time. 


And this type of data access is essential to create positive change.  That’s why we’re excited to introduce a life-changing application created by our partner, 2Foqus. 2Foqus has developed a revolutionary COVID-19 track and trace app in Qlik Sense. They’re also making the app available for free!


Technical details of the COVID-19 Qlik Track and Trace app 


2Foqus’ simple, intuitive app leverages the power of Vizlib writeback to effectively track and trace visitors. 


The app goes beyond visitor registration. It is also an effective contact tracing tool.  And the process for the end-users—visitors, is simple and secure. They input details directly into Qlik Sense with an easy-to-use Vizlib Input Form. 


The app consists of the following components:


The visitor’s registration form (using Vizlib Input Form)

  • Data about the visitor (name, email, phone number)
  • Name of the contact person at the company 
  • Type of visit (training, consulting, sales, meeting or other)
  • The 4 questions for COVID & risk identification



  • Risk insights 
  • Number of visitors, the time they arrived (to manage spread of visitors), their risk %


Vizlib Writeback Table

  • In case of a confirmed case, a visitor calls and the adjustment can be made 
  • The company contact person can call the individuals that were in the session and inform them about a confirmed case. Then inform the group and confirm this in Vizlib Writeback Table. 


Major benefits: 

  • Free Qlik Sense #dataforgood healthcare app
  • Secure data entry
  • Updates in real-time
  • Spot high-risks at a glance
  • Manage follow-ups from suspected contact incidents
  • Data is automatically removed after 14 days (per GDPR regulations) 


“Being able to open our offices once again is amazing. But the risks must be managed properly. This app is about registering, informing and protecting. We can overcome this pandemic if we work together and help each other. So, stay safe and healthy, please!” Angelika Klidas, Manager Education, 2Foqus


? To learn more about this  #dataforgood initiative, watch this 2Foqus and Vizlib webinar recording: