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Five little-known Vizlib hacks to speed up your dataviz process

Five little-known Vizlib hacks to speed up your dataviz process


Want to up your skills from dataviz to data-whizz? Here are 5 Vizlib hacks from our passionate team leads: 


Hack #1: Get on top of your projects with the Custom Periods feature in Vizlib Gantt


Keeping track of oodles of moving parts in project management is no easy task. Planning, delegating and tracking tasks, without pulling your hair out, requires specialised organisational tools, like a Gantt chart. 


To help managers declutter components in a large or small project and get to the right insights quicker, Vizlib developed Vizlib Gantt. Vizlib Gantt is an intuitive project planning timeline and value-added product for Qlik Sense. It’s the easiest way to keep your projects on track, stay within budget and optimise your resources.


And here’s a Vizlib Gantt hack from Piers, our Product Architect: “You can use the Custom Period feature for Vizlib Gantt to highlight a specific period, like a final product review, customise it to track progress at a glance, and ensure you stay on schedule (and meet that imminent release date!).” 


Vizlib Gantt showing Custom Periods


Add simplicity to your project management and keep all project team members on the same page with Vizlib Gantt Custom Periods! Read more here


Hack #2:  A shortcut to professional dataviz with Vizlib Templates


Creating professional data visualisations that grab your audience’s attention can take a lot of time. Often more than a busy developer can spare in their jam-packed schedule. Surely there’s a more efficient approach, right? 


To speed up the dataviz development process, and enable any level of data user to create eye-catching dataviz in seconds, Vizlib developed the Vizlib Templates feature. As a result, data users are empowered to create beautiful, pre-designed charts quickly. And the new feature helps companies generate a standardised look for their data visualisations to align with their overall design and branding system. 


A helpful Vizlib Templates hack from David, our CTO:  “You can save even more time by creating template defaults to reduce unnecessary creative efforts and jump-start the dataviz creation process for all data users in your business.” 


Vizlib Templates in action!


It’s time to get your audience hooked on your company’s stylised dataviz with Vizlib Templates. Discover more here


Hack #3: Better organisation with the Groups feature in Vizlib Custom Report


Sifting through numerous dimensions and measures to find the exact data points you need might feel like you’re rifling through a box of tangled-up computer cords. Order is necessary to conquer the entropy if you want to get anywhere fast!


Structuring data in an organised fashion, where users can find what they’re looking for quickly, is the aim of the new Groups feature in Vizlib Custom Report for Qlik Sense. Users can group dimensions and measures by using master item tags for better organisation. 


And a great hack on the Groups feature from Michael, our VP of Pre-sales & Enablement: “You can create different views for different users or user groups, so they have immediate access to data they use often without having to search endlessly. You save both users and the business a lot of time!”


Enabling Groups in Vizlib Custom Report


Get more details on the productivity-boosting Groups feature for the Vizlib Custom Report here


Hack #4: Collaboration just got even easier with the Categories feature for Vizlib Collaboration 


Gaining insights and establishing more in-depth questions from your data is fundamental in business intelligence. But how do you share your findings with your team to smoothly continue the analytics process? Do you take screenshots and share reports via email? Then set up meetings to discuss what you’ve discovered… For an environment where real-time data is a key driver of success, this may seem inefficient.


And, that’s what motivated Vizlib to move these analytical interactions from the meeting room to where the live action is happening – on the dashboard! The new Categories feature for Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense further streamlines the analytics pipeline for data teams. It enables users to categorise their comments so team members can fastrack their collaboration!


And, Karl, our Senior Product Architect, adds in his hack: “You can even categorise your comments by priority, department or purpose to really provide context and speed up the time to insights!”


Give your data teams the power to take instant action by keeping the conversation within Qlik Sense. Read more about the Vizlib Collaboration Categories feature here


Categories feature in Vizlib Collaboration


Hack #5: An instant snapshot of your measures with the Progress Bar feature for Vizlib Pivot Table


Analysing large volumes of data, especially numerous rows and columns of figures, can cause serious brain fatigue! Yet, c-suites need to extract meaningful insights from these data-heavy sources to generate business growth. And the faster, the better. 


To provide execs with the agility to slice and dice their data, create real-time reports and gain the insights to shape strategic growth, Vizlib introduced the Vizlib Pivot Table for Qlik Sense. And to speed up the time to insights further, users can now automatically visualise the measures inside a Vizlib Pivot Table, with the new Progress Bar feature. 


And a helpful hack from Andrzej, our Head of Software Development: “The Progress Bar is a very interactive tool, like all Vizlib features. When you’ve expanded a dimension and quickly reviewed the measures as bars, you can close them again, to easily navigate through your table for additional insights.” 


Progress Bar in Vizlib Pivot Table


Get an instant snapshot of your KPIs in your Vizlib Pivot Table with the Progress Bar. Read more about this practical feature here


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