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July 12, 2021

Fruitful Marketing Data Dashboards

Marketing is an essential part of any business. If potential customers don’t hear about you, how will they know that you exist? One of the crucial parts of any marketing strategy is the ability to see the results; that’s where marketing dashboards come in.

Let say that you sell bananas 🍌 . It’s a fruit – fun fact, it’s a berry – that many people love. Besides partnering with chocolate and peanut butter companies to make delicious smoothies, how are you going to be a step ahead of other banana sellers?

Marketing data dashboards for fruitful results 🍇

Just like there are many types of bananas, there are many types of marketing strategies. You may choose to launch an email marketing campaign, spread the word about your bananas on social media, pay for Facebook or Google ads, hire influencers, and so much more. The marketing possibilities are endless. But those endless possibilities create endless data sources. Do you see where we’re going with this?

You’re going to need robust, highly functional marketing dashboards for all of your strategies. These incredible pieces of software can help you consolidate all of your data sources into a single, coherent and visually appealing way to see all of the marketing data. And cherry-pick the opportunities revealed in the data’s patterns and trends.

Rotten expenditure results 🤢

Not all marketing avenues are created equal – that’s not to say that all experiments will work for you. However, most of them will cost money and affect your bottom line. Obviously, social media posts are free, but how far will you get with those alone?

With the use of marketing research dashboards, you can easily see how much money you’re throwing away on mailing lists, or paid adverts, or even expensive TV commercials (yes, that’s still a thing). If your data shows that your company spends more money on advertising revenue than it brings in fruitful customers, you might be missing the point?

By using simple, yet robust, marketing dashboards, anyone in the company can have a full grasp of the marketing department’s output. The finance team can set budgets for streams that are working, enabling the company heads to see where the budget is being spent.

Visualising your harvest 🍌

With the implementation of Vizlib products for Qlik Sense, you can easily see a complete overview of your marketing strategy.

By using Vizlib Library, your company can save countless development hours and deliver marketing dashboard solutions that tell a story about your product which even the average business user can understand.

Vizlib Gantt, for instance, is the perfect solution for organising and visualising your projects in Qlik Sense. It is jam-packed with advanced capabilities to help you forecast, optimise resources, and keep deliverables on track.

Who knows, maybe those results will reveal that you should be selling kiwis, instead? 🥝

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