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visual project planning in Qlik Sense
April 22, 2020

Gantt chart: 6 tips to drive more insight and value in Qlik Sense


In times of economic fluctuation, there’s much at stake. And business leaders are compelled to extract everything they can from each resource. Data can provide clarity to support those strategic decisions. And analytics can facilitate predictions for future-proof business planning


With visual planning tools, like Gantt charts, you can speed up the time to insights and action, ensuring your business maximises its resources and profit margins. 


Vizlib Gantt is a dynamic, visual planning tool that gives you a bird’s eye view of your projects. And when you combine Vizlib Gantt with other Vizlib value-added products for Qlik Sense, you get more insights and value! 

Since innovation often drives value, our team has come up with 6 tips to help you leverage more value from your Vizlib software


Vizlib Gantt + Vizlib Library


Combine Vizlib Library capabilities to add more eye-catching visuals that steer the user’s attention to critical deadlines and other factors affecting project success.   


Tip 1: Steering users with guided UX


Create a more informative, insight-driven and guided user experience by combining Vizlib Gantt with Vizlib Table. Users get more context on tasks and upcoming events supported by indicators and images, and are steered to the right conclusions faster.


Vizlib Gantt in combo with Vizlib Library capabilities

Vizlib Gantt in combo with Vizlib Library capabilities (Download and explore this and other demo apps in our Demo App Gallery)


Tip 2: Forecasting trends 


Forecast trends like project burn by combining Vizlib Gantt and Vizlib Line Chart to predict and manage your resources efficiently. 


Vizlib Gantt + Vizlib Line Chart showing forecasting

Vizlib Gantt combined with Vizlib Line Chart and forecasting capabilities  (Download and explore this and other demo apps in our Demo App Gallery)

Tip 3: Granular-level data exploration


Drill down into granular-level project data, like resources or subtasks, when you combine Vizlib Gantt with Vizlib Container. You can change the visualisations to suit each stage of your analysis. 


Tip 4: Easy to explore dashboards


Make dashboard navigation smooth and user-friendly when you combine Vizlib Gantt with Vizlib Button. Users can switch between groups in real-time to spot critical project elements like wasted time, and plan ahead.


Tip 5: Adding more visual context


Provide more context by using the custom HTML tooltip capability. Include images, metrics and even basic tables in the tooltip to paint a clear data picture of your project.


Vizlib Gantt + Collaboration writeback capabilities


Successful project planning becomes easier when you can visualise the whole project and its moving parts.  You can shift your projects from visualisation to action when you combine Vizlib Gantt with the writeback capabilities in Vizlib Collaboration.


Tip 6: Streamlining project management


Manage your projects without leaving Qlik Sense!  With Vizlib Gantt + Collaboration writeback capabilities, you transform your Gantt chart into a comprehensive project management tool!





Gantt charts are a valuable business resource. And when you combine Vizlib Gantt with other Vizlib value-added capabilities for Qlik Sense, you can gain more control over your projects (and your sanity while working from home!) and maintain the lean budget you need for a sustainable outlook.


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