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April 25, 2023

Vizlib features that supercharge advanced analytics in healthcare

Today, approximately 30% of the world’s data volume is generated by the healthcare industry. Improved access to patient data is helping healthcare providers to identify at-risk demographics, provide preventative care and reduce readmission rates. As a result, healthcare analytics is becoming more important than ever. 

The ability to understand, analyse and share healthcare analytics is crucial and requires the use of the right data visualization platforms and products. 

Vizlib’s value-added suite of data analytics and data visualization solutions built for Qlik Sense allow organisations to explore data freely and independently in real-time, featuring easy-to-read dashboards that require no coding:

  • Vizlib Library – Perfect for building personalised dashboards and simplifying large datasets
  • Vizlib Collaboration – Ideal for encouraging teamwork and sharing ideas across an organisation
  • Vizlib Self-Service – Recommended for independent data exploration
  • Vizlib Finance – The essential tool for better visibility of financial data 
  • Vizlib Live! – Useful for interacting with live data held in the Cloud
  • Vizlib Gantt – To help project and resource planning

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on three specific Vizlib products (Library, Collaboration and Gantt) and outline how they can help healthcare organisations supercharge their data analytics and improve patient care.  

Streamline your healthcare operations with Vizlib Collaboration 

Vizlib Collaboration enables healthcare professionals to share patient data and insights with each other in real time. 

Historically, the healthcare industry has relied on tools like Excel for managing patient data. However, these types of processes can be slow and error-prone, with no option to update, comment on, or correct data points. There’s also the issue that each report needs to be individually exported, which causes further delays.

With Vizlib Collaboration, healthcare workers can add contextualised comments to dashboards in real-time – ensuring staff can share insights quickly and deliver better patient outcomes. Writeback capabilities allow users to streamline workflows and easily add new clinical data via custom dropdowns, tags, date pickers and more.

Teams can share and discuss patient data within the dashboards to shorten the communication cycle and minimise the risk of confusion or errors. Plus, all users can work from the same patient care dashboard with no need to view multiple sheets – keeping all context and information in one place.

Patient tele-health information and other types of patient data can seamlessly be added to Qlik apps without leaving the dashboards, allowing doctors and clinicians to discover insights and diagnose problems faster.

Case study – How Vizlib Collaboration supports healthcare analytics

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust deliver care across two hospitals in the north of England, employing around 6000 healthcare staff. The organisation was looking to improve their outpatient booking process and was advised by Business Intelligence consultancy, Catalyst BI (the Trust’s long-time partner), to consider Vizlib.

The Trust’s existing outpatient booking system involved clerical teams switching between clinical systems and Excel. To boost efficiency and save time, they wanted to switch to a single application where healthcare teams could easily make amendments and write back to the data at the source.

Now fully implemented, Vizlib’s Collaboration suite is used across the Trust in many complex applications to improve speed and efficiency while improving patient outcomes. Adopting Writeback has also made the bookings process much “more efficient”, as it only requires one person to manage the tool. The Trust said that “having an audit trail of ‘who’s doing what’ has also been a massive bonus”.

To read the full case study, click here. Or, to find out more about Vizlib Collaboration, check out this blog post.

Catalyst Customer Case Study | Vizlib

See the bigger picture of healthcare analytics with Vizlib Gantt 

One of the biggest pain points in the healthcare industry today is the difficulty in effectively managing time and resources – particularly in a sector which is so often understaffed with limited resources.

Vizlib Gantt is a value-added product for Qlik Sense that allows users to visualise, plan and manage their healthcare projects at a glance.

Users can track projects, plan resources, and optimise workflows effectively on one handy platform.

The visual planning tool features a 360-view of the project timeline, along with custom milestones and progress bars, so healthcare staff always know where they stand against important deadlines.

Filters also allow staff to sort tasks in order of highest priority and get the right resources in place quickly. It’s the ideal tool for healthcare leaders who want an intuitive tool for agile project management.

vizlib gantt example 

Create specialised & impactful dashboards with Vizlib Library 

In order for healthcare professionals to discover actionable insights,  patient data needs to be presented in a clear and visually compelling way.

Vizlib Library is a superior visual analytics platform that enables users to build and customise stunning dashboards to enhance data storytelling.

With Vizlib Library there’s no learning curve, meaning that healthcare professionals at all levels – yes, even those with little technical experience! – can explore and understand data independently for more informed decision-making and better outcomes. 

The customisable nature of the Library allows teams to present dashboards in a way that works for them and build tailored KPIs (e.g. net days in accounts receivable) in a few simple clicks. The rich customisation components also allow organisations to meet the strict reporting standards demanded in healthcare.

Phoenix LV case study dashboard

Case study – Vizlib Library in healthcare 

Hermes is a leading supplier of healthcare products and hadn’t traditionally put a lot of focus on visual analytics.

Having now implemented Vizlib into their Qlik Sense environment, they’re seeing first-hand the benefits of how visual analytics can simplify data for their employees. 

Using Vizlib, Hermes has now implemented visual charts for management, allowing them to effortlessly get to the right insight at the right time. 

Christian Kuhn, Hermes’ Team Lead of Regulatory Affairs, shared that their analytics “changed entirely” after discovering Vizlib, and they now “don’t use Qlik Sense without Vizlib”.

Read the full case study here.

Hermes Arzneimittel boost Qlik adoption with Vizlib

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical company Phoenix LV has also seen a huge improvement in its data analytics processes since implementing Vizlib Library.

Switching from Excel, where they would create basic tables and visualizations, Vizlib Library has boosted data usage by making data visualization more modern and dynamic.

Karel Lebr, Data Engineer at Phoenix LV, said: “Vizlib Library is an amazing product and enhancement. I’m really enjoying the features like the Viztips – the little details that make our reports better and prettier, plus easier for the end user.”

Now all their users are working confidently with data using Vizlib Library “and the reason why is simple. It’s so much easier to use…and has helped us open up lots of new possibilities”.

Read the full case study here. 

Phoenix LV boosts Qlik Sense adoption with Vizlib

How to get started with Vizlib 

Vizlib’s ready-to-go data visualization solutions turn complex datasets into ‘data that talks’. Our products are intuitive and easy to use, helping to promote data literacy throughout your organisation.

Interested to learn more and see how Vizlib for Qlik could improve data analytics in your business? Book a demo or sign up for free today! 

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Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

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