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How Qlik + Vizlib support your journey to the Cloud

How Qlik + Vizlib support your journey to the Cloud

Cloud transformation has revolutionised data analytics and reporting – allowing companies to scale and adapt at speed, accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline and secure operations, and reduce costs. These benefits are extensive and impactful, and it’s no wonder that so many businesses today are starting their journey to the Cloud. But how are they doing it?

Cloud adoption is no easy feat, and a daunting challenge for any organisation – whatever their size. There are many aspects that contribute to a successful migration, and choosing the right partners and solutions is one of them.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how Qlik and Vizlib work together, the (many) benefits of migrating to the Cloud, and how Qlik + Vizlib can help you get there. 

What are Qlik and Vizlib, and how do they work together?

Qlik Sense (in the Qlik Cloud) is a modern Cloud analytics platform that takes businesses from passive to active analytics – enabling organisations to have a dynamic relationship with their data. To achieve this, Qlik Sense combines a real-time data pipeline with advanced analytics capabilities. The end result? In-the-moment insights and the power to take immediate action.

At Vizlib, we develop a range of data visualization solutions to help you get even more from your Qlik Sense analytics – taking your dashboards and insights to the next level. We currently offer five no code/low code solutions, each one tailored to meet a specific business need: 

  • Vizlib Library for the most compelling and interactive dashboards
  • Vizlib Self service for powerful self-service analytics
  • Vizlib Finance for unbeatable P&Ls and Balance Sheet reports
  • Vizlib Gantt for planning, organising and visualising your projects and processes
  • Vizlib Collaboration for closing the analytics loop with writeback and team collaboration

Together – underpinned by the Cloud – these solutions work together to bring businesses users closer to their data analytics and insights.

How do Qlik + Vizlib help you get the most out of the Cloud and your Cloud journey?

The benefits of Cloud migration – and how Qlik + Vizlib help you get the most out of it – can be distilled into a few key points; cost optimisation, flexibility and scalability, security and compliance, data recovery, and management and monitoring.

Cost optimisation

Though Cloud transformation demands upfront costs, in the long term there are significant savings in resource, maintenance and real estate costs.  According to a report by BCG, companies can save 15-40% on IT operating costs by migrating to the Cloud. But there’s more, because Cloud migration also optimises workloads! In addition to the figure above, BCG experience suggests that: 

by turning to the Cloud, large enterprises are often able to bring out services 30% to 60% faster, compared with creating bespoke in-house infrastructure.

Qlik and Vizlib both operate on flexible and scalable pricing models that harness these benefits, and grow with your business. Also, Qlik can be tried for free, and Vizlib offers a ‘Free Starter’ package that’s free for up to 5 users, with no time limit and access to all Vizlib products! 

Flexibility and scalability

Businesses have differing needs that change at different rates in different ways, and the Cloud is designed to support this. Fortunately, businesses only pay for the Cloud resources that they use. So they don’t need to pay for IT assets that they only use occasionally. Plus, more powerful Cloud computing resources can be instantaneously recruited during spikes in demand.

As a Cloud-native combo, the Qlik + Vizlib packages can be changed quickly and easily depending on your needs. With these solutions you can connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources, enjoy powerful visualization tools and gather insights with ever-expanding BI capabilities. If you’re in need of more resources, or users, Qlik + Vizlib is set up to adapt with just a few clicks.

Better security and compliance

Clouds often have built-in Cloud security features and specialised Cloud security tools, and in many cases, Cloud security patching is even done automatically by the Cloud service provider. Some Cloud platforms even have industry-specialised offerings to seamlessly meet compliance requirements – this is predominantly seen in industries like finance and healthcare. If you’re interested in a healthcare-specific discussion around data security, have a read of this blog by Vizlib.

Qlik + Vizlib leaves no stone unturned when it comes to security. Qlik’s development model follows an adapted implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and industry best practices for quality assurance. Qlik also proactively monitors production environments to identify and resolve any vulnerabilities that could compromise data security. On top of this, Vizlib has internationally recognised ISO 27001 certification – the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of a robust ISMS (Information Security Management System). Read more about how Qlik + Vizlib prioritises security here.

Improved data-recovery, management and monitoring

Many Cloud providers improve business continuity by offering built-in, one-click backup and recovery capabilities and management tools. Qlik + Vizlib springboard off this offering with accessible data management capabilities and easy movement and data storage. Remote access and intuitive collaboration features – like Vizlib Writeback Table for editing data from within your dashboard, and Vizlib Teamwork for knowledge sharing directly in Qlik – also make moving to the Cloud the obvious (and easy) option.

What’s more, innovations like Qlik Replicate enable fast and simple data replication and transfer with no coding required. This solution also enables continuous replication to avoid downtime during your journey to the Cloud. Still not convinced yet? Find out more about planning your migration to Qlik Cloud, here.

Get started with Qlik + Vizlib and begin your journey to the Cloud, today

Leveraging Vizlib’s products for Qlik Sense helps everyone – even those with no coding experience – create impactful visualizations for powerful insights.

Getting started with Qlik + Vizlib is simple. Once you have a Qlik account set up, Vizlib is just three steps away:

Want to see more of Qlik + Vizlib in action? View and download examples on our Demo Apps page – including Clinical Trials, OSHA Safety Compliance, and Veeva Vault demo apps!

Looking to learn more about Cloud infrastructure? Read about what type of Cloud provider or Cloud solution (public Cloud, private Cloud, or hybrid Cloud?) is right for your business, here.

Set your data free. Unlock the power of Qlik Cloud. Vizlib enhances the capabilities of data visualization and analytics to give you unparalleled insight. So you can know faster and act sooner.

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