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Create customised dashboards with Vizlib Library

Create customised dashboards with Vizlib Library

Transform your Qlik Sense dashboard into a powerful visual analytics tool by creating customised dashboards with Vizlib Library. With its no-code approach and intuitive user interface, Vizlib Library saves development time and allows BI teams to move quickly from data reporting to data storytelling. 

Whether you’re a data analyst, data scientist, or business owner, Vizlib Library has features suitable for all, allowing you to visualize data, perform advanced analytics, and create stunning, custom-designed charts and graphs that inform and impress.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create customised dashboards and take them to the next level with Vizlib Library.

Customisation features in Vizlib Library  

Vizlib Library provides a wealth of features and available widgets that allow users to elevate an existing dashboard in Qlik Sense.

Essential Charts:

Create an original dashboard with the following multi-functional charts, complete with reference lines, support for alternative states, HTML tooltips, benchmark bars, and customisable backgrounds:

    • Line Chart
    • Scatter Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Combo Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Grid Chart

vizlib library line chart context menue enhancements image

Advanced Charts:

Combining aesthetics and functionality, these charts enable users to create dynamic and visually-appealing custom dashboards. Offering full control over interactivity options and rich formatting, Advanced Charts include:

      • Sankey Chart: Displays the change and flow of values between nodes.
      • KPI Designer: This chart enables you to create customised KPIs for your dashboard.
      • Activity Gauge: Allows you to display progress towards a goal.
      • Heatmap: Displays the concentration of data across categories.
      • Story Timeline: This chart enables you to create interactive timelines for your dashboard.
      • Venn Diagram: Displays the similarity or relationships between data sets.
      • Mekko Chart: Displays relative values across a series of categorical data (similar to multiple bar charts).
      • Waterfall Chart: Displays the change in value over time.
      • Ridgeline Plot: Visualises the distribution of a variable across multiple categories.
      • Flow Chart: Displays the flow of a process or a sequence of events.

UX components:

This feature provides users with rich styling and formatting options that blend seamlessly with the unique design of their custom dashboard. These components are equipped with Vizlib Actions support, configurable tooltips, and the Vizlib Wizard, making them a valuable addition to any app. With these nifty benefits, users can enhance the user experience of their dashboard. The UX Components include:

      • Slider: A versatile widget designed for Qlik Sense that enables users to customise and set variable values.
      • Advanced Text Object: A highly customisable table widget for Qlik Sense, packed with advanced features such as HTML code support, tooltips, and convenient content-copying through right-click functionality.
      • Calendar: A control component widget designed to assist with managing and presenting date fields in a user-friendly manner.
      • Filter: A filter widget designed for Qlik Sense that allows for easy selection within the data model.
      • Line Object: An extension widget that divides and organises your dashboard according to your preferences.
      • Button: Widget designed to enhance the user experience of guided analytics for both desktop and mobile users.
      • Switch: Widget that provides control over your data variables.

Vizlib Gantt and sheet menu scroll KPI + button

Navigational elements:

The library’s navigational extensions redefine the way users interact with their custom dashboards. The Vizlib Sheet Menu, for example, enables users to create a web app-styled Qlik Sense dashboard within Qlik Sense, eliminating the need for complex mashup development. With this feature, you can simplify the navigation process, making their custom dashboards more intuitive and user-friendly. Navigational elements include:

    • Sheet Menu: Widget that allows you to create a web app-styled dashboard within Qlik Sense, enhancing navigation and user experience.
    • Container Grid: Widget that helps organise and arrange visualizations within your dashboard for a seamless user experience.
    • Sheet Menu Plus: Widget that expands the capabilities of the Sheet Menu with additional features and customisation options.

DAC group sheet menu plus


This feature provides a great degree of organisation for your data. Our widely used straight and pivot table extensions enable users to arrange and display data in a clear and easily understandable way, allowing for analysis and decision-making. These custom widgets help users develop a lasting appreciation for the streamlined organisation that tables can provide.

Benefits of using Vizlib Library to create customised dashboards

Unleash your creativity with fully custom dashboards, simplified development, and enhanced user engagement. Creating custom dashboards with Vizlib Library has the following benefits:

  • Enjoy more freedom with less effort: With Vizlib Library, you can create multiple dashboards without writing a single line of code. Unlock the full potential of Qlik with Vizlib Library’s expansive collection of powerful visualizations. With over 20 individual charts at your disposal, you can create intuitive, interactive applications that push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.
  • Unlock the full potential of your data: Vizlib Library empowers Business Users to redefine Qlik’s native capabilities. Designed with simplicity and accessibility, Vizlib helps organisations overcome their fear of data by offering advanced capabilities that are available out of the box. With Vizlib, analysts can turn complex information into easily digestible insights that anyone can understand, regardless of their skill set or job role.
  • Delight users and drive adoption: Vizlib Library helps you to create a custom dashboard that delights users and encourages adoption. With the ability to fully customise the design elements, including colours, fonts, and line thickness, you can create a custom dashboard that perfectly aligns with your brand guidelines or is tailored to your dashboard’s style. The Vizlib Actions widget also allows you to create a guided analytics experience with a vast list of predefined actions, further enhancing the user experience.

Combined, these features improve whole team collaboration, streamline communication, and help achieve goals.

Started building customised dashboards with Vizlib Library 

Are you looking to enhance your new dashboard and take it to the next level? Starting with VizLib Library is a simple process. For more information, you can refer to our dedicated article available here.

Leverage its powerful customisation options, advanced charts, and seamless integration with Qlik Sense to create visually stunning and multiple custom dashboards that captivate your audience and drive data insights.

Don’t wait any longer and book a demo with our friendly staff or visit our technical page to begin your setup today.

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