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How Vizlib can support the public sector?

How Vizlib can support the public sector?

In today’s turbulent economic and political climate, public sector organisations are under immense pressure to facilitate change and deliver projects on time under strict budget constraints. In April 2023, the UK’s public sector net borrowing stood at £25.6 billion, £11.9 billion more than in April 2022.

To make critical decisions quickly and ensure transparency across a wide range of stakeholders, public sector organisations require accurate, real-time data that’s easy for all users to understand.

In this article, we’ll explore what public sector organisations should look for in an ideal data solution and how Vizlib’s suite of data visualization products can help simplify complex PS projects, gain more financial visibility, and enhance data literacy for more informed decision-making.

What do public sector organisations need from a data solution?

The public sector is made up of organisations, government agencies, or public bodies that exist to serve the best interests of the general public. They cover areas such as education, healthcare, law enforcement, the military, housing, and more.

Moving away from its traditional roots, public sector organisations have embraced digital transformation over recent years, improving data analytics to enhance services and public trust.

The public sector must ensure data is accurate and provides a single source of truth. Why? Because the information could be used to develop policies, identify inefficiencies, forecast demand for services, and make decisions critical to public safety.

As a result, the perfect data solution should be easy for public sector employees to update in real time – this ensures that information is based on live data (not historic or out-of-date data) for faster and more informed decision-making.

Presenting data in an easily digestible format is also important. The public sector often does not have the large budget of other industries, so they can’t always afford to hire expensive IT staff. Therefore, data should be easy to read for employees of all skill levels.

This is especially true given the estimation that Britain’s public sector is twice as big as it should be, with around 10.6 million people employed by the state, more than the 5.7m typically cited by the government.

In addition, public sector organisations should select data analytics solutions that meet strict compliance requirements and protect the data of the public to maintain public safety and eliminate risk. Data tools used by public service should also enable remote access so multiple users can collaborate in real time from any location.

Vizlib’s suite of value-adding extensions  for Qlik Sense simplify data visualization and make it possible for staff of all skill levels to understand insights and make data-informed decisions. Let’s take a look at the Vizlib products which would most benefit public sector organisations.

Top 3 Vizlib products that can benefit public sector organisations

1. Vizlib Library

As mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges facing the public sector right now is ensuring data is presented in a way all that users can understand, so that decisions critical to public safety can be made effectively and reliably. Vizlib Library is the ultimate tool for enhancing data literacy across all business units by delivering compelling data visualizations that bring insights to life. 

Through a rich library of graphs, charts, maps, and other visual elements, public sector organisations can embrace digital transformation and present complex data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.

Users can create up to 20 customised charts and share them with colleagues, enabling public sector employees to easily explore data, identify trends, and perform detailed analysis – removing the need for specialist IT staff.

What’s more, visualizations can be accessed and viewed on different devices from any location for unrestricted accessibility perfect for remote teams. Data can be updated in real-time to enhance accuracy, allowing for fast and better-informed decision-making.

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2. Vizlib Gantt

Projects and programs within the public sector can be incredibly complex and prone to change. State-run projects often involve a wide range of stakeholders, a long list of compliance hoops to jump through, and strict deadlines to meet.

Vizlib Gantt can help government agencies to manage project timelines more effectively by enabling them to visualise tasks more clearly and ensure that the right resources are allocated per task. 

Users can easily drag and drop tasks, adjust timelines, and track progress in real-time – making it easier to stay on top of each project. In addition, the platform allows for easy collaboration so employees can communicate project deadlines and progress for improved transparency.

There are so many moving parts to public sector projects, however, Vizlib Gantt allows users to see a 360 view of the project timeline and filter to view the most urgent tasks first. With custom milestones and progress bars, public sector organisations can ensure they’re taking the necessary actions in good time and overcoming challenges.


Vizlib Gantt shown in action with big-picture plan and the details

Vizlib Gantt for planning big picture projects, and drilling down into the details

3. Vizlib Finance

With the public sector experiencing ongoing budget cuts, it’s never been more important for them to have financial visibility and the ability to manage spending more effectively.

Vizlib Finance has powerful financial data visualization capabilities, enabling users to monitor financial performance, identify budget overruns or underspending, and seek cost-saving opportunities.

With visually compelling graphs and tables specifically designed for financial data, Vizlib Finance can make financial reporting easy for all employees and allows them to monitor KPIs in real time.

Public sector organisations often abide by financial regulations and compliance requirements to keep citizens safe. Vizlib Finance enables organisations to present financial data and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards. It can also assist in visualizing grant allocations and funding sources that are critical to a public sector department’s success.

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