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How Vizlib Self-Service can support retailers

How Vizlib Self-Service can support retailers

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail has been undergoing a vast transformation in recent years. Innovative technologies in industries like e-commerce are changing how people shop, with four out of five consumers willing to share personal information in exchange for a personalised retail experience. 

In addition, rising inflation and supply chain disruptions are placing pressure on retailers to diversify suppliers and deploy data management systems to maintain complete visibility of their operations. As a result, leading and differentiating retailers spend an average of 33% more on digital innovation solutions to help them get ahead of their competitors. 

Data analytics tools like Qlik Sense provide retailers with the data-driven insights they need to meet consumer demand.  A report from IBM revealed that retailers deploying Big Data analytics increased their firm’s competitiveness by 107% in two years. 

However, disseminating data analytics findings amongst wider teams can be tricky to manage without the help of specialised analyst teams. Enter Vizlib Self-Service – the ultimate ad hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense. 

Every employee can securely analyse data and generate customised reports with Vizlib Self-Service – without the need for technical assistance. 

 In this article, we will highlight how Vizlib Self-Service for Qlik Sense features specifically support the needs and objectives of retail organisations. 

Vizlib Self-Service: Providing actionable insights for retailers

Vizlib Self-Service empowers users to explore data analytics and enhance data-driven decision-making across their businesses. Research by Tableau and Forrester suggests that 70% of all employees will be expected to work with data in 2025, up from 40% in 2018. Therefore, it’s imperative that retailers make it possible for their staff (even those with limited technical skills) to read and understand data.

Available as a value-adding extension to Qlik Sense, Vizlib Self-Service enables users to store and share crucial store data on mobiles or tablets – ensuring that all staff, from finance departments to warehouse and shop floor teams, can benefit from meaningful insights to improve their workflows. 

The tool’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features like Analytics Search, Preset Themes, and Custom Reports make it easy for non-technical users to enhance their data literacy skills. Using analytics and data visualization techniques, users can create and track store KPIs and boost competitiveness in the fast-paced retail industry. 

Let’s look at some of the core Vizlib Self-Service features and explore how they can benefit retailers.  

Vizlib Analytics Search: query data quickly with language processing

Vizlib Self-Service’s robust Analytics Search tool helps retailers quickly and easily find the information they need from Qlik Sense data. 

The advanced analytics tool uses keywords and natural language processing technology, much like Google search, to help retailers type or speak their queries directly into the Self-Service platform, eliminating the need for business users to open individual spreadsheets and reports. 

The Analytics Search solution provides a key advantage to retailers as it enables users to back up their decisions with accurate, near real-time insights from wherever they are working. 

For instance, marketing teams can analyse top-selling products, busiest times of the day/week and various consumer behaviour metrics to help them deliver personalised store promotions. 

Additionally, operations teams can use Vizlib Self-Service to maximise supply chain visibility, maintain data accuracy, and share information with stakeholders to help them make informed decisions based on accurate insights. 

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Vizlib Preset Themes – Create stunning retail reports in seconds

Use ready-made presets to ensure your reports look attractive and easily understandable. The Vizlib Self-Service Preset Themes feature offers a wide range of pre-designed dashboards and report templates for those entirely new to data analytics reporting. 

Users can create a visually-appealing and highly-accurate analytics report with just a few clicks and share it amongst team members, helping retailers speed up the decision-making process and keep offline teams in-the-loop with business developments. 

Presets can also be customised with colours and branding, ensuring that your professional-looking dashboards appeal to your firm’s stakeholders, partners and decision-makers. 

Vizlib Custom Report: Unlock valuable data insights with easy-to-use reporting tools

Measure the performance of your retail business with ease with tailor-made and editable dashboards and reports. The Vizlib Self-Service Custom Report feature enables retailers to create customised reports catering to their unique needs. 

Users can select and arrange data visualizations like tables, pie charts, and graphs while customising their attributes, formatting, and design to align with brand guidelines and reporting standards. 

There’s no need to use multiple spreadsheets to view or amend data. The Custom Report can integrate multiple data sources from Qlik Sense, and provide a comprehensive view of business performance within a centralised dashboard or data visualization. 

The Custom Report can even find patterns and trends by analysing data from numerous sources that might not be immediately obvious – such as pricing, inventory management, and marketing tactics. Find out more about custom report building in this article. 

The feature empowered retailers like Mayborn Group to improve their data storytelling capabilities in the highly-regulated baby products industry. In this Webinar, find out more about how they implemented customised Vizlib data visualizations to increase their understanding of critical findings and move away from Excel spreadsheets entirely. 

Custom report

How to get started with Vizlib Self-Service

Step up your data analytics capabilities and improve data adoption across your retail business with Vizlib Self-Service.

For retailers using Qlik Sense, integrating Vizlib Self-Service couldn’t be easier. This is because our products are priced under Qlik’s pricing plan. You can also find out more about products like Vizlib Collaboration, Library, and Gantt can unlock the power of data for retailers in this eBook

We would also be more than happy to offer retail customers a Vizlib Self-Service trial for up to five users – enabling you to experience its effectiveness for yourself! Book a demo with us today to learn more. 

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