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June 25, 2021

Human Resource Dashboards: How to Empower Employees

Your company relies on people to function. You may have the world’s best systems or well-oiled machines, but you still require people to operate the business. The more employees you have, the more you need a robust Human Resources (HR) system in place. Human Resource dashboards can help keep your employees happy – and keep the gears turning.

The benefits of measuring HR metrics

HR analytics is invaluable to any business. With data extraction tools, business owners and HR departments can see insights that highlight workforce-related risks and opportunities. And if you’ve spent a lot of money to upskill your employees, retention will play a key factor in making sure your business is sustainable in difficult times. By using HR dashboards, your company can consolidate a range of complex employee data into an easy-to-read with a 360 overview of every employee.

HR dashboards for everyone

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the company is going to be tech-savvy, which is why your HR systems need to utilise easy-to-use interfaces and an overall simplified UX design. If someone in HR wants to filter out the salary band for a specific division of the company, they should be able to quickly generate these numbers in a hassle-free way. And ideally not get lost in numerous Excel spreadsheets to find the right data.

Simplify data with more visualisation

Not every employee has the passion and capacity to easily decipher row upon rows of information. This can get a bit tricky when there are several data sources, such as payroll software, HR management, and performance tracking that employees need to switch between in their daily role. By having your HR dashboard displayed in a simple, visually appealing way, anyone can easily pick out data highlights and trends.


With Vizlib Library, the added visualisation simplifies how users explore and understand data. 


Vizlib talent management dashboard

You should be able to easily see the retention rate, average age and location, for instance, along with tenure – all with the click of a button. Having all of these key metrics in one place is essential for growing your business and understanding staff needs.

By combining Qlik Sense and Vizlib’s value-added products, any user can create and customise impactful data visualisations without needing any technical experience.

Simplified analysis with Qlik + Vizlib

By combining Qlik’s Associate engine with Vizlib Self-Service, you have the perfect solution for analysis and data discovery for all users, from execs to office assistants.

Adding Vizlib Finance to the mix will give you a breakdown of your cash flow, insight into staff costs, and how much of your revenue can be allocated to developing employee skills.

And, it’s not just about HR, the power of Qlik and Vizlib can add value to all aspects of your business. Use Custom Report, part of Vizlib Self-Service, to consolidate data from different sources and display them in visually appealing ways. Use Vizlib Gantt to plan out and visualise project timelines, and Vizlib Library to create impactful dashboards.

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Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

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