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Support smarter financial services decisions that keep pace with constant change.

Financial services

Financial services analytics in Qlik Sense. Simplified.

In financial services, disruption is the common denominator that drives change. When organisations use data analytics to optimise, innovate and enhance their products and services, they not only uncover opportunities, but also embrace change.

Smarter solutions

Banking, Insurance, Securities and Investment companies are constantly pushing to keep ahead in a competitive and volatile market. Qlik Sense provides the edge to simplify financial services such as fraud or risk management, and uncover actionable insights.

Add Vizlib’s highly customisable solutions to your Qlik Sense apps for a faster journey from insights to action, smarter decision-making and more efficient workflows. Vizlib brings all your data together to support collective intelligence.

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Simplified financial reporting that keeps pace with the business


Complex financial solutions can slow down your business. And that’s a costly problem for any organisation. Vizlib Finance simplifies your financial services reporting in Qlik Sense, helping your team monitor the pulse of the business and balance risk and profit with insight-driven decisions.

Fast and easy report setup

Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting becomes as easy as applying one of our out-of-the-box templates. The quick Vizlib Finance setup helps you save loads of development time and tailor the style of your financial reports to your organisation’s branding guidelines. It’s a better, smoother experience for everyone.

Secure, real-time commentary

You and your team can create comments at a cell level, share sensitive financial data safely in near real-time and keep the collaboration flowing – even when your operations are scattered on a regional, national or global level. Fast turnarounds mean your data stays accurate and relevant. Plus, it’s just like Excel – but better!

More digestible data

Add more visual indicators to your reports for an overview of key financial data at a glance. Combine it with other dataviz, such as KPIs, for more intuitive data exploration. And to shape your messaging for a particular audience, such as the CEO or the board.

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Momentum for your financial data


In financial services, you need information at your fingertips to make decisions fast. Vizlib Collaboration streamlines the journey from insights to action. Teams can easily share contextualised operational insights to keep the data flowing and drive customer success. Writeback capabilities take this a step further in Qlik Sense, supporting more efficient workflows, providing full audit trails and closing the analytics loop.

Accurate and up-to-date finance data

Post financial adjustments on the fly directly in Qlik and write back at a row level. You can also make updates to your budget without changing your actuals. Plus, you have access to a full audit trail of who posted an adjustment and when, including any historic comments, for improved security and compliance.

Input key data directly in Qlik

Capture failed trade or budget figures, where the data is to keep the insights flowing and relevant! Update Qlik variables on the fly without leaving the app to easily explore what-if scenarios, such as cash flow. It’s embedded in your Qlik analytics flow! Plus writeback capabilities that support regulatory requirements, with full audit trails.

No need to leave your Qlik dashboard

Vizlib Collaboration links disparate business tools so everything happens in your Qlik dashboard. You spend less time jumping between solutions and more time analysing key data that forwards business goals and enhances customer success.

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"The real value-add for us that won people over was the Sheet Menu navigation, alleviating the need for mashups for simple dashboards."

US Investment Bank


Uncover insights
beyond the numbers


Add more visual power to your financial services analytics with highly customisable dashboard components. Spot patterns and predict trends in fraud analytics, risk management and more with Vizlib Library’s advanced analytics. And speed up the time to insights with out-of-the-box templates and eye-catching data visualisation.

Improve clarity with customisation

Create a chief risk officer dashboard or other customised app that suits your audience. You can add visual components such as a Venn Diagram to uncover cross-selling opportunities. Or reveal important insights on banking security issues.

More value from your Qlik apps

Data analytics solutions need to go the extra mile. And Vizlib Library creates more value by empowering accountants, investors or compliance officers to easily explore data and extract insights themselves. The intuitive components and out-of-the-box templates kick-start the journey from dataviz to actionable financial services insights for all.

Future-proof financial services planning

Support critical decisions, such as predicting the mortality rate in insurance, with ‘best guess’ predictive analytics that guide decision-making. And evaluate different future scenarios, such as micro and macro events affecting stock prices. Analyse potential business risks to plan better for unexpected changes.

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And we've got more. Add more Vizlib power to your Qlik Sense apps



Managing project finance and other resources just got easier with Vizlib Gantt. Get a bird’s eye view of your project with this powerful visual planning tool for Qlik Sense.

self service


Enable self-driven exploration that brings together your finance data and create custom reports on the fly.

Shorten the time to insights

Download our demo apps to kickstart your financial analytics.

Vizlib Finance Report Template
Vizlib Finance Report Template

Finance app showing you how to create P&Ls, Balance Sheets and KPI-reports in Qlik Sense.

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Vizlib Writeback Finance
Vizlib Writeback Finance

Making financial adjustments directly in your published Qlik Sense app is a game changer. This app showcases Vizlib Writeback Table in combo with Vizlib Finance Report.

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Unlock more insights from
your financial data in Qlik Sense

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Vizlib’s writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense integrate easily with other business apps, streamline workflows and keep your data analysis flowing. It’s possible to finally close the analytics loop!

Are you future-proofing your company’s analytics capabilities?

Watch our webinar featuring industry experts.

This webinar explores the immense potential of collaborating within Qlik Sense, leveraging predictive analytics, and visual planning to stay ahead of operational performance issues and market trends.

Learn more about Vizlib’s data analytics solutions for Financial Services.

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