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Get healthcare insights into more hands with simple, intuitive healthcare analytics.


Simplify healthcare analytics in Qlik Sense

Measuring, managing and analysing healthcare data is no small feat. Even the most progressive organisations struggle with balancing better patient care with an improved bottom line. But here’s the thing: our low-code, intuitive products can help you get healthcare insights into more hands, fast. Supercharge your Qlik Sense apps with Vizlib.

Healthcare data really matters

To meet the challenges and risks of a modern world, fast and accurate health-related data is critical.

Streamlining the handling of big data in Qlik Sense from clinical, operational and financial sources impacts everything from patient care and quality of life to managing epidemics and minimising costs. Leveraging Vizlib’s value-added products for Qlik Sense will help everyone on your team better understand the drivers of success, costs of delivery and medical outcomes.


vizlib library

Build specialised dashboards for faster clinical insights


With more than 20 highly customisable dashboard components, Vizlib Library empowers you to craft truly intuitive, guided analytics solutions tailored to the right audience. No learning curve means clinicians and support staff can explore and understand data at a glance, leading to better clinical intelligence—improved patient outcomes, patient flow management and clinical decision support.

Create customised, impactful dashboards

With full control over chart settings, you’re able to present your dashboards just the way they need to be. Imagine building tailored operational KPIs, such as net days in accounts receivable, with the click of a button. Rich customisation options in all dashboard components allow you to create visual consistency and meet the reporting standards demanded in healthcare, while improving the time-to-insights and saving hours on app development and improving revenue cycle efficiency.

Tap into advanced visualisations

Leverage powerful visualisations, such as the Venn Diagram or Vizlib KPI Designer, that are not available out-of-the-box in Qlik Sense, to unlock new meaningful insights and bring a fresh new perspective to your healthcare dashboards.

Double the power of your Qlik apps

From integrated predictive analytics to fully customisable Viztips that provide the incredible depth of detail on hover that clinicians need, and templating capabilities – you can bring truly show-stopping functionality to your Qlik apps without writing a single line of code.

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“Vizlib extends native Qlik Sense capabilities and provides greater flexibility, so you have more control over customisation and what the end-user sees.”

Michael Rowe,
Report Development Manager at WWL.


Streamline healthcare operations for better efficiency and productivity


It’s easy for users to stay connected to their data with Vizlib Collaboration. Teams can collaborate smoothly, share contextualised insights and keep healthcare data flowing. Plus, you can close the analytics loop and streamline workflows with writeback capabilities. These solutions work together to reduce bottlenecks in operations and support the patient journey.

Everything happens in your Qlik dashboard

Teams can discuss and collaborate within their dashboards to shorten the data communication cycle and keep everyone on the same sheet! No need to jump between different patient care dashboards and run the risk of missing insights or losing context – comment on a dashboard or an individual chart level with preserved selections and keep the conversation flowing.

Reduce reliance on Excel

Speed up your workflows and improve patient flow by working with healthcare data directly in Qlik Sense. Instead of exporting reports from Excel with no version control or audit trails, capture, update, correct and comment on data points right in your app. Shift from slow, unreliable manual processes in Excel by connecting all the dots in your live dashboards.

Capture data at the point of care

Capture new data, such as patient telehealth information, in your Qlik apps without leaving your dashboard and add more context that helps clinical staff uncover insights quickly. Plus, automatically update patient records at the source as you capture and enter new data in your Qlik dashboards – efficient, synchronised and fully secure processes to accelerate your analytics!

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“Driving meaningful conversations within Qlik Sense creates immense value — think of an A&E dashboard with the collaboration capability. It allows vital messages and alerts to flow instantly, leading to faster and more effective communication and, ultimately, better care for patients.”

Mark Singleton,
WWL’s head of business intelligence and acting associate director of IM&T

And we've got more. Add more Vizlib power to your Qlik Sense apps

self service


Ad hoc reporting for data users to explore, analyse and share data confidenty. It’s easy to use and promotes a data-driven culture that speeds up reporting.



The tools your finance team needs to create powerful financial reports, speed up processes and bridge the care gap.



Visualise, plan and manage all your healthcare resources at a glance with Vizlib Gantt. The visual planning tool healthcare leaders need for agile project and resource management.

Accelerate your analytics with Vizlib

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EVS Turnaround Time
EVS Turnaround Time

Build visuals to assist with data consumption and improve processes in the healthcare industry. These Environment Services (EVS) and similar apps are used by hospitals and in healthcare systems to uncover opportunities in room cleaning and readiness.

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Apple Health
Apple Health

Visualise and explore personal health and fitness data, like heart rate from Apple Health using the Vizlib Activity Gauge.

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Healthcare Wait Times
Healthcare Wait Times

Get high-level information backed up by the right details at a glance. Use the Vizlib Slider to change the thresholds and find more room for improvement in hospital wait times.

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Unlock more insights from your healthcare data in Qlik Sense

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Benefits of data visualisation in healthcare

In healthcare, data-driven insights have a direct impact on patient care and wellbeing. Getting to the Why behind the data can improve care, enhance operational efficiency and save money for hospitals.

Want to delve deeper?

Watch our healthcare analytics webinar featuring industry experts.

Can data analytics truly transform healthcare for the better? As the industry continues to evolve at breakneck speed, finding a balance between improving patient care and having a healthier bottom line remains an essential challenge. Hear what industry experts from Qlik, WWL NHS, Acumen BI and Vizlib offer on the power of data visualisation in healthcare.

Learn more about Vizlib’s data analytics solutions in healthcare

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You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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