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In Life Sciences analytics, it's all about control and supporting smarter choices for everyone with every step.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences analytics in Qlik Sense. Connected, controlled.

Life sciences is a highly regulated industry involving multiple complex processes. In this constantly changing landscape, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Leaders need a clear line of sight into R&D, clinical and operational data to improve products and optimise sales. It’s about control and supporting smarter choices that unlock more value.

Faster, real-world insights

Whether its clinical research, biotech or pharmaceutical manufacturing, practitioners need solutions that harness real-time data. With Qlik Sense, organisations simplify analysis for all users. With Vizlib in the mix, any member of your team can create and customise their own dashboards and share simple, powerful data stories. Together, teams can uncover and share meaningful insights with ease to fast-track the next life-changing innovation.

Vizlib Library

Uncover new insights with customised, compelling dashboards


Provide decision-makers with instant access to R&D, Days of Inventory and other real-world insights. Vizlib Library includes 24 dashboard components that are easy to adapt and style to suit your analytics needs. Add more tailored visualisations, such as patient, physician and revenue KPIs – empowering users to understand data better. The easy-to-use, no code approach means everyone can explore data and create data stories that make sense – uncovering new clinical insights.

Create tailored, persuasive dashboards

Create customised dashboards that uncover drug portfolio, loyalty analysis or new product development insights at a glance. Vizlib Library provides users of all skill levels with immediate visibility into the data. Steer the data conversation confidently with Progress bars, Activity gauges and other powerful visual analytics.

Accurate planning with advanced analytics

Advanced analytics capabilities enable practitioners to manage key resources smoothly. From forecasting production, trials and inventory to sales figures. During turbulent times, leaders can plan more accurately and take the right action with Vizlib Library’s Scenario analysis and Linear regression solutions, such as managing vaccine production.

Kick-start the insights journey

All users can create compelling visualisations with out-of-the-box templates and speed up the development of drug manufacturing or research apps. Make data exploration simpler with capabilities such as Viztips that display detailed patient information and other vital context on-hover, without taking up too much screen real estate.

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Vizlib Library has significantly elevated our visualisations in Qlik Sense. Users love objects such as the Combo chart and Scatter chart, and the overall feedback from the business community has been great!

Ben Aitken, BI Manager, Operations at AstraZeneca

Vizlib Self-Service

Accessible data exploration for all


Empower all users – from leaders to lab technicians to engage with data in a safe, governed environment and make smarter, independent decisions – supporting the next big innovation. With Vizlib Self-Service, users can create custom reports and slice and dice the data how they need for further drug research or to analyse medtech product development.

Explore data freely and safely

Whatever an employee's role, from research assistant to biochemist, they should be confident to trust and freely explore data, such as customised biopharma treatments. Vizlib Self-Service provides the perfect governed data environment for safely diving into data.

Boost accessibility and user adoption

Empower all users to create reports on the latest drug trials or biopharma product sales per region. User-friendly capabilities, such as Analytic Search – similar to a Google search console, provide a familiar interface for users to explore data and use it to improve their daily decision-making. And with more engagement, teams can uncover actionable clinical insights faster.

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At Novo Nordisk, we try to provide the best BI solutions for our employees, where it can give them valuable insights into their data. Vizlib has provided us with the ability to promote advanced visual analytics as well as self-service application development. During our journey, we had great support from Vizlib both on adding new features based on our needs and also fixing bugs.

Shakeel Dar,
Director – Head of BI Solutions, Novo Nordisk

Vizlib Collaboration

Controlled, integrated collaboration


In Life Sciences, effective collaboration is essential for managing complex drug trials or biopharma product development. With Vizlib Collaboration, teams can share contextualised clinical insights quickly without leaving their app, streamline workflows and close the analytics loop. A secure data pipeline that meets compliance requirements and drives more value.

Hassle-free collaboration

Smooth collaboration between regulatory authorities and other parties is essential for managing clinical trials and supporting humanitarian efforts. With Vizlib Collaboration, everything happens in your Qlik Sense dashboard, so no vital data is lost and teams stay in the data flow with fast, contextualised conversations. Share information easily via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Seamless regulatory compliance

Vizlib Collaboration’s writeback capability provides a secure data environment aligned with compliance requirements. Full audit trails make managing clinical trial reporting, pharmacovigilance and other compliance issues seamless. Reduce manual input errors by capturing clinical trial data or other patient details directly in Qlik Sense for a single source of truth – supporting regulatory transparency.

Speed up actions with streamlined workflows

Streamline product approval, clinical development and drug manufacturing workflows by capturing, updating and commenting on data points right in your apps. More workflow automation, without leaving your Qlik Sense dashboard!

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And there’s more! Add more Vizlib power to your Qlik Sense apps.


Vizlib Finance

Unlock hidden opportunities fast to increase productivity and profits.


Vizlib Gantt

Track and manage R&D and compliance processes easily with more visual planning power.

Shorten the time to insights

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Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials

Explore the vast ClinicalTrials.gov dataset and use it to manage your clinical studies. Using Gantt, you can see trial estimated completion dates across different sponsors. Use the Custom Report to quickly build a study summary and find all available publications. Or manage your studies using Writeback to capture completion dates, enrollment adjustments, appovers, and milestone risks.

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