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Unlock the next level of operational efficiency with accessible analytics.


Optimise manufacturing analytics in Qlik Sense

Balancing customer demands with safety, quality, inventory, delivery and profitability are all in a day’s work in the Manufacturing sector. But it’s no easy feat. Keeping up with Industry 4.0 and other changes requires constant improvement. With analytics solutions from Qlik, plants can ease the pressure – simplifying their supply chain and maintaining optimal quality, operations and logistics.

Proactive, integrated supply chains

Plants need integrated operations to keep track of their results, detect inefficiencies, understand trends and make forecasts.

Whether it’s discrete or process manufacturing, Qlik brings analytics together to support continual product and process improvement. Supercharging Qlik with Vizlib, manufacturers gain the right insights to be proactive, integrate their systems and ensure their customers are happy.

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Visualise and improve plant operations


Create customised visualisations that quickly uncover the root cause of manufacturing issues, such as more frequent safety problems or product defects. Easy-to-use, low code functionality empowers users of all skill-levels to create dashboards and extract value from data. Plus, get operations insights at a glance to make the right decisions quickly and reduce the cycle time. Plan for the future with advanced analytics for more efficient plant operations.

Create clear, compelling dashboards

Set up dashboards that provide immediate visibility on safety, product quality, processes or workflows. And include customised KPIs displaying metrics, such as first-pass yield, manufacturing cycle time, or on-time delivery rate, in a clear format for swift decision-making and action.

Drive data analytics adoption

Vizlib Library’s intuitive components and out-of-the-box templates empower managers, operators and technicians to comfortably explore data. With more data, they can make better decisions, take ownership of their role and continually improve.

Advanced analytics to keep ahead

To maintain a competitive edge, manufacturers must continually look ahead. Vizlib Library’s advanced analytics help users uncover opportunities and predict and plan more accurately. The right insights can streamline operations, increase uptime, boost sales and minimise delays.

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“Vizlib helped us with easy-to-use capabilities to customise our visualisations. It requires absolutely no coding experience – everyone on our team can use Vizlib.”

Erich Muff,
Reporting Manager, Global Reporting Solutions, Schindler Group

Vizlib Self-Service

Fast, flexible data exploration


The power to explore data safely combined with the flexibility to create reports showing what you want, how you want it! These are fundamentals for any manufacturer to streamline supply chain operations and logistics, mitigate issues on the floor and optimise processes.

The freedom to explore data safely

Empower all users, regardless of their skill-level, to safely explore data without the risk of losing vital information, such as production runs. A secure, governed environment to slice and dice data.

Improve user adoption and data literacy

Boost the confidence of everyone working with data to transition from consuming data to discovering insights themselves. They can quickly uncover what caused a product defect, for instance. And dive in deeper to explore which department the error occurred in and how often it’s happened in the past. Analytic Search provides a familiar web-like search interface making data exploration simple and intuitive. Users can query their dataset like a Google search.

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Vizlib Collaboration

Efficient supply chains


Simplify the supply chain and reduce manufacturing cycle time with streamlined data discussions and insight-sharing in near real-time. And improve the efficiency of product and process workflows by inputting, editing and sharing data without leaving your Qlik app.

Swift collaboration to boost production flow

Effective teamwork means workers take on more plant-floor responsibilities. And that’s good, because plants rely on them to solve problems quickly. With streamlined, in-context conversations, teams can share meaningful insights, such as an operational handover between shifts, and speed up the production flow.

Fast, accurate data input and analysis

Update product line data on the fly directly in Qlik to boost supply chain efficacy and productivity. And write back the data to the source, such as your database or management software, for more accurate inventory management and fewer mistakes.

Streamline workflows and improve quality

Create custom workflows to improve product quality and cycle time. You can recreate the decision-making process with permissions control and user management, and set up customised approval workflows that drive quality assurance. More efficiency means better competitiveness in the market.

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“What brought us to use Vizlib was the lack of visual objects in-bundle with Qlik Sense. Vizlib offered a very interesting set of additional value-added products, and capabilities within those products, that for our business users was a must-have.”

Alberto Giorgi,
Head of the Qlik Center of Expertise – Global Analytics at CNH Industrial

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Shorten the time to actionable insights

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Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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