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Consolidate public sector analytics with simple solutions.

Public Sector

Consolidate your Public Sector analytics in Qlik Sense

The public sector handles vast quantities of data from many different data sources every day. It’s a complex, challenging environment that requires strategic, yet simple solutions. Analytics should simplify data into clear, meaningful insights that everyone can use. And expand the advantage of BI and data to all parts of the organisation.

Making data people-friendly

Combining Qlik Sense with Vizlib, organisations can integrate cost, budget and performance to provide optimum benefits on a large-scale, whether in government, defense or intelligence agencies, or educational or social care institutions.

With Qlik’s augmented analytics, the gap between people and data is closing. It’s getting easier to communicate with data. And users are growing more confident to use it in their daily drive to improve public services. Vizlib expands the capabilities of Qlik Sense, making data analysis accessible to everyone.

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Vizlib Self-Service

Fast, easy reporting for all skill levels


Create reports on the fly with Vizlib Self-Service to get your own trusted slice of the data! Gather and present data in a way that matches your department’s deliverables. Presets are also available to cater to the wide range of skills in the public sector and create a reporting one-stop-shop. Anyone from a clerk or administrator to a manager or director can analyse information and act on it immediately.

More accessibility and independence

No high-tech skills needed. From teachers to government workers, all users can easily create their own reports without relying on anyone from the IT department or data science team. Plus, provide public access to data in a consumable style that’s easy to interact with and explore.

Safe, governed data exploration

Manual input may still be common in many government departments. And that can lead to errors. Vizlib Self-Service enables users to safely slice and dice their data and move away from manual input, and Excel! A secure environment that reduces the risk of far-reaching errors.

Ad-hoc reporting aligned to your unit or department

Create Custom Reports based on the data your team needs to improve outcomes and balance cost and performance. Data exploration is simple and intuitive with Analytic Search. The familiar web-like search interface empowers all users to dive into their data and extract actionable insights, such as which learner interventions are successful. Easily ramp up reporting from the preferred table format to displaying table data in multiple visualisation formats to uncover and share insights faster.

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Vizlib Collaboration

Smooth, secure collaboration


Secure data sharing is a must when you’re dealing with sensitive public or government information. Vizlib Collaboration sets up secure communication with your team members, even in an environment where exports and emails are not allowed. Analyse large data sets, such as public health studies, and easily share insights with your team to keep projects progressing and on budget.

Easily review and share insights

Share and review data insights in real-time, such as learner test performance, with your team. In-context commentary keeps the conversation relevant and efficient. Ask and answer vital questions in minutes for quicker, transparent decision making.

Streamline workflows for more efficiency

Create custom workflows, such as how to manage a learner exit situation, to streamline processes and cut down costs. Enterprise-level permissions control and user management will help you ensure more efficiency and structure. By automating repetitive processes directly in Qlik Sense, your team can improve process standardisation, efficiency and transparency, plus align more closely to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Act on your insights without leaving Qlik

Input data directly in your Qlik apps, such as new enrollment figures for a drug study or your students’ latest test scores. You don't even need to export first. Input, edit and update in the app with the writeback capabilities included with Vizlib Collaboration. And you can write your data back to any business system or database directly from Qlik – any SQL database or business system that supports REST APIs, plus to CSV, TXT or QVD files.

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Plus, there’s more user-friendly analytics with Vizlib + Qlik



Bring real-time, valuable data into your project planning and management with Vizlib Gantt.



Use predictive analytics for military scenario planning or charts showing public health insights at a glance.



Bring your BI and data to all parts of the organisation and provide your finance team with a modern tool to visualise their data and share insights easily.

Shorten the time to insights

Download one of our demo apps to kickstart your public sector analytics.

Vizlib Custom Report
Vizlib Custom Report

Fast-track the creation of Custom Reports to keep the insights flowing in the public sector.

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Closing the gaps in public sector data analytics
Closing the gaps in public sector data analytics

To help public sector organisations get the most value from their data, they need solutions that simplify data analytics. And transform users of all skill levels into data citizens. Discover more on shifting users beyond the fear of new technology, to data literate and even data fluent levels in Qlik Sense.

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Public Sector Webinars

Qlik Fed Partner Summit 2020

Discover more about using Vizlib + Qlik for effective, streamlined public sector apps. With the walk through of practical use cases, such as public health dashboards, you’ll be set to develop apps that suit your department.

Learn more about Vizlib’s analytics solutions in the public sector.

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You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

Got a technical question? Our Help Centre has heaps of helpful guides, articles, FAQs and more. Access Help Centre

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