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Staying connected to your customers and leveraging data from omni-channel experiences is the only way to optimise customer experience and keep ahead in this competitive sector.


Unlock the power of retail analytics in
Qlik Sense

The role of traditional stores is changing – influenced strongly by ecommerce and digital innovation. Staying connected to your customers and leveraging data from omni-channel experiences is the only way to optimise customer experience and keep ahead in this competitive sector.

Staying a step ahead

Real-time visibility into your supply chain and logistics is key for keeping up with customer demand. Qlik’s analytics makes data more accessible to the whole team. Together with Vizlib, retailers can create powerful customised visual analytics, plan more accurately with out-of-the-box advanced capabilities, and create on-the-go reports independently – getting the data-driven customer insights to stay a step ahead.


Vizlib Collaboration

Collaboration drives actionable retail intelligence


A hassle-free way to share and build on insights is essential for extracting real-time, actionable customer intelligence. With Vizlib Collaboration, your teams can collaborate without leaving their app, ensuring rapid product delivery through streamlined workflows. Gain the ability to merge siloed data and connect your business solutions for a single source of truth on your customers, inventory and sales.

Better, faster insights with collective intelligence

Smooth collaboration and data conversations within your retail dashboard. Contextualised data conversations that bring together the right people and the right data to fast-track decisions. Tag team members in discussions on inventory management, or get in-app notifications whenever you’re mentioned. With streamlined collaboration in Qlik Sense, you get the power of collective intelligence.

Writeback for a single source of truth

Manage new products and capture intra-daily production numbers directly in your Qlik dashboards to stay on top of deliveries and demand, reduce manual errors, and support a single source of truth. Bring together your supply chain and sales data for a real-time, accurate view of your business.

Transform retail processes to meet demand

Create customised workflows to streamline your retail operations. Set permissions to ensure approval cycles are smooth to reduce stock loss, manage the customer life cycle, and continually improve customer experience.

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“We looked at what we could do with Qlik Sense and Vizlib Collaboration; the Writeback functionality for tables and forms. It became very clear that it was a very strong contender.”

Dave Elliot,
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager, Mayborn Group.

Vizlib Library

Customised dashboards for instant visibility


Create highly customised dashboards that provide immediate visibility into customer behaviour, sales and inventory management, and pricing optimisation – making customer and product insights pop. Craft compelling, branded data stories that engage the whole retail team with tons of visualisation options. Leverage intuitive advanced analytics for accurate pricing scenarios and forecasting customer demand, without the need for any coding skills!

Style your dashboards for constant visibility

Get a 360-degree view of your sales, inventory, costs and logistics KPIs at a glance. Create branded dataviz that spices up your retail data and makes product insights clear. Or create your own to speed up development and build consistency.

Improve sustainability with accessible advanced analytics

Spot patterns, and accurately forecast customer demand, and pricing scenarios as traditional buying behaviour changes with Vizlib Library’s intuitive advanced analytics capabilities. An essential tool for business success during continual industry shifts.

Engage more users to boost adoption

Vizlib Library is easy to use, requires no coding skills, and engages more users through visual data storytelling. Add more visual power to Qlik Sense with tools such as Viztips – a highly customisable tooltip – providing more context on hover to simplify how employees explore monthly orders or logistics data.

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“Qlik is the engine that makes it happen but we’re leveraging all of the visualisation capabilities from Vizlib.”

Anna-Lee Munns,
IT Director, JBS

Vizlib Self-Service

Explore data your way


To keep pace with omni-channel customer demand, retailers need a fast, flexible ad-hoc reporting solution in Qlik. With Vizlib Self-Service, all employees can safely explore data and create custom reports without relying on technical specialists. View near real-time customer and supply chain data that supports quick decisions. And keep your business connected to what is important.

Explore data independently and maximise resources

Store employees can easily slice and dice retail data for insights to improve store performance. Each employee can independently deep-dive into why conversions are down, how to reduce inventory loss, as well as save time and resources.

Improve data literacy and boost your BI power

Boost your team’s confidence to explore data, such as margin erosion, with familiar-looking dashboard components. Analytic Search – a Google-like search function that includes voice search – enables fast, user-friendly data discovery. And ensures stakeholders throughout the supply chain can convert data discoveries into critical insights that boost your NPS.

Replace manual processes with automated, actionable data

Time to move away from a report factory mentality and into analytics that employees can use to generate trusted insights.

More about self-service

And there’s more! Add more Vizlib power to your Qlik Sense apps.



Get a bird’s eye view of your logistics or supply chain deliverables.



Provide customised financial reports that simplify your retail analytics.

Speed up your dev time with our retail demo apps

Download our demo apps to kickstart your retail analytics.

Retail Brand Strength: Track brand performance
Retail Brand Strength: Track brand performance

See how your brands are performing through a variety of channels, whether it's followers, rewards members, revenue, liabilities, and more. By using Viztips, you can hover over the bars to see more detail at a glance.

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Retail Logistics: More visibility into your product manufacturing process
Retail Logistics: More visibility into your product manufacturing process

View your entire product logistics manufacturing process. Using writeback, manage new products and capture intra-daily production numbers to stay on top of deliveries and demand. Bring together your supply chain and your sales data to give a view full of your business.

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Why do retailers need user-friendly analytics?

Whether it’s responding to trends or balancing ever-changing supply and demand levels, retailers need to access, analyse and act on data quickly. And since analytics is the keystone to successful business decisions and action, it should be accessible to all store employees.

Retail: getting the timing right with analytics

For retailers competing for every consumer buck, it’s all about getting the timing right. The right product to the right customer at the right time, which is why retail analytics is so powerful and transformative in the industry.

Driving e-commerce efficiency with Qlik Sense features

It’s easy to assume that your retail data analytics should focus solely on sales, but that’s not entirely correct. Every bit of data your system collects is pure gold.

Want to delve deeper?

Watch this on-demand webinar by global retailer, Mayborn Group, to learn about their journey from a manual Excel-based process to a governed and controlled system within their Qlik Sense environment.

Learn more about Vizlib’s data analytics solutions in retail.

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You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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