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Infused with Vizlib: What are embedded analytics?

Infused with Vizlib: What are embedded analytics?

Did you know that every day, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced? Data analytics is all about cutting through all that deafening noise to find meaningful insight. 

One effective method for achieving this is by incorporating “embedded analytics” into your applications, portals, and services. 

By integrating advanced analytics capabilities directly into your software and platforms, you can harness the power of data analysis to create actionable insights in real-time. 

Simply put, embedded analytics empowers the digital workplace user to interact with data analysis where it occurs within a user’s natural workflow  — eliminating the need to switch to another standalone BI or analytics application. The result is improved, immediate decision-making and the ability to take appropriate actions.


Where are embedded analytics used?

Embedded analytics are a game-changer for internal business applications. Sales teams can access the latest sales performance data, marketing professionals can measure campaign success, finance teams can analyse budget allocations, and supply chain managers can monitor inventory in real time- all without leaving their familiar working environment. 

The accessibility of data in-context empowers users to identify trends, spot opportunities, and respond to challenges swiftly.

Embedded analytics can also level-up your public-facing web pages and content. From interactive click counters to dynamic graphs or a live embedded dashboard, you can engage users and enhance their understanding of complex information. 

What are OEM analytics?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) analytics refers to the process of integrating white-label analytics capabilities into an existing product or service, rather than building a standalone analytics solution. 

Infusing quality data analytics into your existing products and services keeps you at the cutting edge. That’s vital in the dynamic and competitive market. 

It’s also a more agile, affordable way to provide the very best value. OEM analytics offer a distinctive advantage by allowing you to instantly access and deploy state-of-the-art analytics solutions, without incurring substantial upfront development costs.

This is particularly impactful for startups, leading organisations, and agile enterprises looking for the highest quality with the smallest project footprint. 

Vizlib is the ideal OEM data analytics partner. As the largest provider of enhancements for Qlik Sense, you know you’re working with a provider you can trust. That means your products are enriched by the most reliable and top-of-the-line data analytics available. 

We also emphasise deep customisation. That means it’s easy to tailor your white-labelled data analytics to meet the specific needs of your customers. 

What are the benefits of embedded and OEM analytics?

Increase adoption and use of your applications

The goal for your users and customers should be to enable simpler analytics experiences by putting information in a familiar place, right where they need it, engage with it, and return to it every day.


According to a survey by Dresner Advisory Services, embedded analytics tools have, on average, a 59% adoption rate compared to the 27% average adoption rate of traditional BI tools. 

Because analytic functionalities are integrated seamlessly into the application’s interface, users don’t need to switch between different tools or platforms to access relevant data.This creates a more streamlined workflow, reducing the learning curve and making it easier and more appealing for your users to engage with data on a regular basis.

Out-of-the box functionality at an reasonable price

One of the most compelling benefits of embedded analytics is that it provides you with an out-of-the-box BI solution that is already fully developed and pre-packaged. This approach saves you the considerable time, effort, and resources required to develop separate analytics functionalities in-house.

By partnering with a trusted embedded analytics provider, companies from large enterprises to small businesses can leverage the most sophisticated and powerful data analytics at a reasonable price. 

No significant up-front expenditure, and no unexpected maintenance or trouble-shooting throwing the budget! 

What are the challenges of embedded and OEM analytics?


Businesses leveraging OEM/embedded analytics solutions don’t need to worry about managing ongoing maintenance. This is handled by the provider themselves. While that’s convenient, it’s important to understand your products and applications could be impacted if your analytics partner experiences downtime. 


Each business has its unique data needs, workflows, and visualization preferences. As a result, customisation may be necessary to ensure that the embedded analytics seamlessly fit into your application’s existing design and caters to your users’ specific needs.

Depending on the analytics partner you chose, adapting components to align with these requirements can be challenging.

How does Vizlib address these challenges? 

Vizlib stands apart as the most established and trusted solution for enhancing your Qlik Sense. By choosing the combination of Qlik Sense + Vizlib for your embedded analytics, you’re partnering with stable and trusted platforms that provide exceptional performance. 

How about customisation? 

“Not all data visualizations tell the data’s story equally well. To ensure that your embedded analytics platform tells the data’s story in the most effective way, choose a platform that provides both smart visualizations and a wide variety of data visualization options for different types of analysis, along with extensive ways to customise.”


Vizlib is all about allowing you to deeply customise your data visualizations, so they meet your functional and branding requirements.This means you can easily adapt and change our analytics components to align with your specific needs. 

Qlik + Vizlib is your embedded analytics solution

Vizlib delivers a suite of value-adding extension products for Qlik Sense, helping you drive adoption of Qlik Sense across your organisation. Our no-code and ready-to-use data visualizations create actionable insight and enable independent data exploration for users of all skill levels. 

Why not learn more by booking a demo today or try out Vizlib for yourself, for free? Deeper data insights and your perfect embedded analytics solution are only a click away.

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