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Interactive dashboards: The key to data empowerment in Qlik Sense

Interactive dashboards: The key to data empowerment in Qlik Sense

The word “dashboard” might conjure up images of your car’s speedometer, but they’re a crucial reporting component of any business. Interactive dashboards are an effective way to display data from various business departments.

We’ve explored Human Resources, Finance, and Ecommerce dashboards in the past, but actually any industry or department has a lot to gain from user-friendly dashboards. Businesses reap the most benefit when dashboards are clear, interactive, and provide high-level data points for deeper exploration.

What are the advantages of interactive dashboards?

Any dashboard you build should have dynamic components for all of the metrics you’re tracking. After all, how does a static dashboard help anyone get a better understanding and improve on a particular aspect of their role?

Your sales department might need to check up on production status, for instance. By implementing an interactive data dashboard, anyone on the team can easily check in on a manufacturing schedule or explore other metrics such as average deal size or ARR on a granular level. And, in their daily or weekly analysis, constantly drill down to the exact numbers they are looking for.

It should be easy for an R&D department to review sales charts to see which items have sold well, and which were not such a hit with customers. From there, they can improve upon previous designs to better suit their target market and push up profits.

Smoother data filtering for streamlined exploration with Vizlib Filter

Easier data exploration in Qlik Sense

One practical dashboarding component created for user-friendly exploration in your Qlik apps is Vizlib Filter, part of Vizlib Library. Vizlib Filter does all the heavy-lifting, streamlining selections in the data model, to provide intuitive, hassle-free data selection.


The importance of dashboard interactivity and usability

Your company dashboards also need to be responsive and fit any screen size. Let’s be honest, how many of your employees are working from their mobile phones or need to check data after hours? Having data easily displayed on a mobile device’s screen makes these quick check-ins much easier. The user experience must support fast, self-service style exploration though. For smooth, on-the-go data exploration, usability is key.

Boost data literacy with low and no-code solutions

Low or no code analytics solutions put development into the hands of all users. By using Vizlib’s value-added products in conjunction with Qlik Sense, any company can boost data literacy and Qlik Sense adoption. Every Vizlib solution is created with a no-code approach in mind so that any department and any role, whether technically skilled or not,  can create and share their own interactive dashboards.

With Vizlib Self-Service, your organisation can create secure data sandboxes for employees of all skill levels to safely explore data. Users can select any dimensions and measures that relate to the business question they’re answering. And choose from native Qlik Sense objects or Vizlib’s highly customisable alternatives to visualise their data story and uncover insights.

By visualising complex data, you simplify analysis so the team can actively explore findings and make data-driven decisions themselves. With Vizlib Tiles you can create customised tile-style summaries to display a product range, an employee directory or a department KPI list. The tiles  can include images to help with independent insight discovery.


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