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April 21, 2020

Introducing Collaboration Threads: How to organise your conversations in Qlik Sense


Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that have the greatest impact on the way we get things done—like automatic spell check or setting task reminders. And many of us would struggle to work efficiently without those nifty features.


Keeping on top of things gets even more complicated when we go from working independently to collaborating with other team members and especially so—with other departments. When we launched Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense, this is exactly what we were trying to accomplish: making collaboration within Qlik Sense so seamless and simple that it becomes ubiquitous, like customising chart colours or saving chart designs as templates.


With the introduction of Collaboration Threads, we’re hoping to help your conversations flow even smoother. From today, you can use threading for Vizlib Collaboration to organise your discussions in Qlik Sense.  

What are Collaboration Threads?


Vizlib Collaboration Threads - keeping the data flowing in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Collaboration Threads, providing smooth, contextualised data conversations


Collaboration Threads is a handy capability for keeping your data discussions in Qlik Sense organised and easily shareable. Threaded conversations let you deep-dive into a topic, exchanging insights and feedback while keeping the main conversation Stream uncluttered.  


Threads are great for preserving context, as you can easily binge-read the entire conversation in one place, rather than trying to piece it together from messages scattered in the main Stream. It is also a convenient way for everyone on the team to have access to the same information, in the same place.


The biggest benefits of using threads in Vizlib Collaboration 

  • Tie all replies to one specific message, so no important feedback or ideas are lost.
  • Keep your conversations organised and preserve meaningful context, as the first message remains connected to unique selections.
  • Share threaded conversations via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams for faster and more meaningful collaboration in Qlik Sense.
  • Create a data-driven culture with open discussions without disrupting the main conversation Stream.

Vizlib Collaboration Threads showing smooth integration with email, Slack & Microsoft Teams

Vizlib Collaboration Threads integrates easily with your email, Slack & Microsoft Teams

Quick tips for using Collaboration Threads


  • Don’t hide important information in threads. Keep in mind that threaded replies will not be shared in the main conversation Stream. If you’re sharing important information that could benefit other people on the team, post it in the main chat rather than in a thread.


  • Use threads for more detailed responses. Whenever you need to provide a more thoughtful, comprehensive response, start a thread. This helps to avoid clogging the main conversation Stream and disrupting the overall conversation flow.


  •  Does everyone need to see my response? Threads are great for more personal, lighthearted conversations and comments that are not relevant for everyone or add little business value.


Head over to our community for the full documentation on Collaboration Threads


Getting Started with Vizlib

Want to streamline your collaboration in Qlik Sense? Try Vizlib Collaboration. You can sign up for a free trial today – Vizlib Collaboration is available on both Qlik Sense Cloud and on-premise with Vizlib Enterprise. 

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