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Introducing Vizlib Switch: the combined power of UX Components in Vizlib Library

Introducing Vizlib Switch: the combined power of UX Components in Vizlib Library


Business users feel comfortable using BI solutions that have a familiar interface and controls—when the interface operates in the way they expect it to, intuiting their needs. And when users feel at ease with an application, they’re more likely to use it to handle their everyday data analysis needs.


To support their analytics journey,  apps should be simple, intuitive and hassle-free. 


Keep it simple with Vizlib Switch 


We’re pleased to introduce Vizlib Switch, a new component for Vizlib Library. Vizlib Switch enables users to customise and manage their charts and dashboards easily in Qlik Sense. Turn measures, dimensions or colours on and off or switch between the charts in your container grid with familiar, user-friendly controls. 


To maximise the benefits of Vizlib Switch and improve the user experience, combine it with your visualisations to make your dashboard options and controls easy to access. Leverage Vizlib Switch to guide users by:


✅ Adding simple switch functions to ensure switching between dashboard functions is smooth and intuitive for all data users.


✅ Including basic on/off functionality for easy data exploration that guides the user journey smoothly.


✅ Including checkboxes for easy-to-use checks and controls that users are familiar with and confident to use. 


Vizlib Switch making data analysis hassle-free


Vizlib Switch for Vizlib Library in Qlik Sense


? Pro tip: You can use Vizlib Switch to change any variable which can be defined in a Qlik expression: 

  • Toggling dimensions and defining measures
  • Changing charts and dashboard views 
  • Updating KPI sets, themes or accessibility settings 



Guided analytics components, such as Vizlib Switch, help to direct the user’s path as they explore data. These solutions not only save business users time, but are also key to keeping the data flowing in an organisation.


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