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Self service analytics in Qlik Sense
November 19, 2020

Introducing Vizlib Tiles: more visual power for your analytics in Qlik Sense

For companies to gain the most value from business data, they need as many people as possible working with the data – creating reports, extracting insights and taking action. And to grow the number of data citizens, users need access to easy-to-use analytics solutions in Qlik Sense.


Solutions which leverage the power of dataviz wow to hook more users and simplify analytics. 


Introducing Vizlib Tiles, the latest addition to Vizlib Self-Service, a value-added product for Qlik Sense. 


What is Vizlib Tiles?


Vizlib Tiles enables you to create tile-style summaries that add more visual impact to your data organisation. Not only do they help you organise and display data in a way that’s easy to digest, they’re also highly customisable to suit your branding, style and ad hoc reporting needs.


Display your data in a visual tile-style to hook more users with Vizlib Tiles 


Vizlib Tiles is an effective solution for visualising a product range, a list of customers or employees, a quick overview of your KPIs and more. Plus, the added visual power can boost data literacy levels in your organisation. 


And when you combine Vizlib Tiles with our other value-added products for Qlik Sense, such as Vizlib Library, you drive additional business value through more use cases.  



Vizlib Tiles in combo with Vizlib Slider provides a quick glimpse at how interest rates affect mortgage calculations 




Vizlib Tiles holds your information in a tile (cell) format in a dynamic table structure – using a single dimension and a number of measures, which act as layers within the tile. You can customise the tiles by choosing the layout and formatting you want. Add your personal touch by including images, descriptions and even ratings as layers. 


Once you’ve crafted your tiles, you can make general layout changes and apply them to every tile in the table, and save valuable development time. 


Here’s how to change the general layout and apply it quickly to all your tiles:


1. Select the Tile Editor icon.

2. Once the block layout opens on screen, you’ll see each block represents a measure from the property panel Data section.

3. Use the cursor to drag and drop the measure to the location you want. 

4. Then click Apply to save your changes.


Save time on tile formatting with the Tile Editor in Vizlib Tiles


? For more information on Vizlib Tiles, take a look at:



You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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