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Simple self-service tools for Qlik Sense
June 1, 2021

Introducing: Vizlib Toolbar – more control for your reporting

Keeping up with how users and businesses work with data means having tools that make data exploration quick and easy. As modern analytics tends towards more independent data exploration and analysis, users need more dashboard control. 


And like a remote control for your television – it’s something that, once tried, you probably can’t do without! 


We feel the same. Reporting solutions should make your life easier. (Remember the last time you couldn’t find the TV remote!)


That’s why our team has developed a new addition to Vizlib Self-Service – one more thing you won’t be able to live without! 😉


Introducing Vizlib Toolbar


Vizlib Toolbar, a new Self-Service extension, gives you more control over your ad-hoc reporting in Qlik Sense. 


Not only can you ramp up the level of customisation in your reports, but also save valuable dashboard space with this dynamic solution. 

Customise your Vizlib Toolbar to suit how you work with data

More control for self-service reporting in Qlik Sense

Create customised selection bars, buttons, sliders, input boxes, switches and more. You can also easily make selections, change variables or trigger actions. 


Plus, the modern functionality includes dropdowns, more alignment options, and responsive design.  Much like your TV remote, but way smarter and probably a lot easier to use!


Independent data exploration 


Vizlib Toolbar simplifies data exploration for all team members. (Even those that like to hog the TV remote.)  And the more tech-savvy employees are, the more they need quick and easy access to data. 

Streamline your reporting in Qlik Sense and save dashboard space with Vizlib Toolbar

Streamlined self-service reporting in Qlik Sense


Give your employees more control over their reporting in Qlik Sense. With Vizlib Toolbar, more streamlined report design and implementation are only a few clicks away. 


👉 To learn more, take a look at our Vizlib Toolbar article in our Help Centre. 

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