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Introducing Viztips for Vizlib Library: The power of visual analytics on hover!

Introducing Viztips for Vizlib Library: The power of visual analytics on hover!


Making your data talk is essential in today’s data-driven world. Your data story should be easy for the end-user to digest, steering them to the right insights and action. A good approach is to ensure your dashboard design is simple and uncluttered, to help the visual message sink in easily. 


Many dashboard developers are familiar with tooltips—a practical solution to keep your dataviz unmuddied and add context on hover. But while tooltips are great, they simply can’t provide the end-user with enough granular-level data at a glance. That’s why we’re rolling out the next-generation dynamic tooltips we’ve called Viztips!


Meet Viztips—dynamic visualisations in tooltips!


Viztips is a next-level capability for Vizlib Library that enables you to insert customized, dynamic charts in your tooltips. This means you can turn your Viztip into a mini dashboard by hosting extra charts of your own design within tooltips.


Not only is it an effective way to declutter your dashboards and save real-estate, it is also a phenomenal trick for creating a drill-down experience that’s available on hover, in context and within the main chart.  


Vizlib Viztips add context on hover to your dataviz in Qlik Sense



Dashboards are focused on displaying the most important data, so you can never fit all the dimensions and measures you might want to show. That’s where the Viztips come in! Since the Viztip is filtered to the data point the user is hovering over, it provides supplemental data and precise detail on relevant data without adding any clutter. This way, users have all the key insights in one place!  


Here’s a quick example of how to add supplemental information with Viztips. Let’s look at a Bar chart reflecting sales information. Viztips could help the user immediately drill down into more granular details by displaying a further breakdown of sales per category in the Bar chart, and the percentage of the sales target reached in a KPI object, providing precise, granular details!


Key things to know about Viztips 


Viztips transform the humble tooltip into a powerful analytics tool! Viztip consists of two components; your main Vizlib chart and a Vizlib KPI Designer Layer. The charts created with Vizlib KPI Designer are embedded into a tooltip as your Viztip!




You can embed a mini-dashboard, individual Vizlib KPI Designer layers and other additional information into your Viztips by following these steps.


1. Create your Vizlib KPI Designer Object


You can choose from 11 custom layers in the Vizlib KPI Designer: 


KPI layers for Qlik Sense


2. Next, add Viztip variables to your Qlik Expressions

3. Now, create a Qlik Master Item

4. Finally, add your Viztip Master Item to your Vizlib Chart Tooltip


Check out our How to Create Viztips video below.



Viztips enable your end-user to view different levels of detail on a specific data point, access a legend for the main visualisation or glimpse data trends over time. And should inspire their curiosity to explore the data at a deeper level.


Viztips providing visual context on hover


Viztips are currently available with the Vizlib Bar Chart. We’ll be rolling out this capability to other charts in Vizlib Library over the next few weeks. See the full documentation for Vizlib Viztips for more information. 


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