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April 30, 2020

Just start searching! Introducing Self-Service Analytic Search to Vizlib Custom Report


Have you ever tried to transition your business users from purely consuming static reports to discovering answers to their data questions by themselves? Empowering less technical users to engage more with their data can be a challenge. 


But with the roll-out of our powerful self-service Analytic Search capability in the Vizlib Custom Report, we think your chances of driving greater user adoption and engagement will go through the roof, making everyone more data-driven in their decision making. Now building reports on the fly is as easy as grocery shopping online.


So, what is Analytic Search for Vizlib Custom Report?


Analytic Search for Vizlib Custom Report is all about fast and easy access to your data. It lets you query your dataset by typing or speaking—like googling, but within a governed dataset in Qlik Sense. 


As your Vizlib Custom Report is set up on curated Dimensions and Measures with correct calculations, you never have to second-guess the answers and data returned by your search query: no unexpected results or incorrect calculations that make little sense in your business context. 


This means that even the least technical users can easily deep-dive into their data with full confidence and flexibility, without relying on their BI or IT team for help. 


At the centre of your analytics experience 


As a new convenient way to facilitate user-driven data exploration and discovery within Qlik Sense, Analytic Search helps you stay in the flow as you slice and dice your data looking for interesting insights. Rather than having to click into a separate menu, you can add new dimensions and measures, switch between visualisations, reorder your columns, filter and change selections on the fly—all within the intuitive search bar and while preserving the context of your analytics experience.  



We take the experience even further with intelligent chart suggestions. As you type in your measures and dimensions into search, Vizlib Custom Report automatically selects the most suitable chart to visualise your data. Driven by simple selection logic, automatic visualisation suggestions help you save time and accelerate your development using dataviz best practices.  



Create data citizens within your company


When it comes to data democratization and improving data literacy, Analytic Search will help you lower the analytics adoption barrier. Putting the power of quick and intuitive validated data analysis in the hands of all users across your organisation is the fastest way to jump the fear-of-data hurdle—all they have to do is start searching! And those who are more adept at handling data can seamlessly switch from click-based self-service BI to search-driven analysis to continue exploring in context without any disruptions. It’s a solution that adapts to the user! 


And that’s not all—we’ve also included Speech Recognition, meaning you can now leverage Analytic Search to experience a whole new speech-to-analytics dimension. This functionality comes in handy when you need to navigate smaller screens (like mobile) or big screens (like TV dashboards). Voice-controlled data analysis gives users unparalleled freedom to interact with their data and ask and verify questions hands-free. And it’s pretty fun, too! 


Guided visualisation suggestions with Analytic Search


Vizlib Custom Report currently supports 9 different visualisations that help you seamlessly translate your data into visual insights. Not only can you get to your data faster using the search functionality, but you can also benefit from guided suggestions for choosing the most suitable chart. 


Visualisation types in Vizlib Custom Report for Qlik Sense


 Quick overview


Here’s what you can do within Vizlib Custom Report, leveraging our search-driven data exploration:

✅ With Analytic Search, you can confidently use the familiar web-like search interface to query your dataset and build live reports on the fly: no unexpected results!

✅ You can instantly switch between different visualisation types within the search bar to find the most effective ways to communicate your insights.

✅ You can adjust your selections, filter and reorder columns in the search bar. And, if you need to, seamlessly switch back to a more in-depth analysis within Vizlib Custom Report.

✅ You can leverage the automatic chart suggestions provided by Vizlib Custom Report to select the most suitable chart. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try our “Intelligent Chart Suggestion” ? feature to let Custom Report guide you to a new way of looking at your data.

✅ With our Speech Recognition capability, you can use voice control to navigate your data and get to answers faster, instantly pulling dimensions and measures from your governed dataset. Perfect for TV screens and mobile devices!



Next on the roadmap

 Storing search results in bookmarks and sharing your view of data with your team

Continuous improvement of the self-learning search engine that improves guided suggestions for the most-searched charts and reports. The more you and your team search, the better the results! 

Continuous improvement of NLP and speech recognition


More about Vizlib Custom Report: The governed sandbox environment for all users 


Vizlib Custom Report creates the ultimate ad-hoc analytics experience in Qlik Sense. Rather than catering to one group of users only, this self-service extension empowers your organisation to create a secure data sandbox. Completely removing the risk of breaking anything or losing vital information gives users the ability to explore and uncover meaningful insights independently. 


Now, with the addition of this next-level capability, we bring the intuitiveness of search to the world of data analytics! Analytic Search is already out and available for a free trial—download our Vizlib Self-Service value-added product for Qlik Sense and make your data talk. 

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