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Launching Vizlib Enterprise writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense: start writing back to your database!

Launching Vizlib Enterprise writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense: start writing back to your database!

You’ve already begun closing the analytics loop in Qlik Sense with Vizlib Writeback Table and Vizlib Input Form. Editing and adjusting data on the fly, and capturing user input and entering new data directly in published apps. Now, we’re introducing more writeback power—writeback on an enterprise-level! 100% offline and on-premise!


While many of you enjoyed writing back to QVDs, the addition of Vizlib Server truly changes the way enterprises will input and interact with their data. 


? You can now write back directly to your databases with Vizlib Server!* 


It’s time to close the analytics loop on a business-wide level—for accurate, trustworthy data that keeps the insights flowing, supports all business decisions and leads to the right documented actions faster.   


We’ve just enabled writeback capabilities for Vizlib Server

Now you can tap into enterprise-grade writeback solutions in Qlik Sense! Get advanced functionality and security when you input, edit and share data in your Qlik apps with Vizlib Server. 



You can write back directly to your chosen SQL databases to ensure a single source of truth for your organisation’s BI and business data. You can also write back to CSV, TXT, QVD, or REST API. And the great news is – Vizlib writeback capabilities work with Qlik Sense Analyzer and Analyzer Capacity licensing!

Leveraging the SQL integration and REST API, you can now additionally write back to:

  • Google Sheets (via REST)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • Zapier (via REST)
  • Pipedrive (via REST)
  • Freshdesk (via REST) – to name a few ? !

? And coming soon for Oracle Native and Generic ODBC

✅ Secure data with bullet-proof security standards

With the addition of Vizlib Server, we’re rolling out an extra layer of security that makes Vizlib Writeback Table and Vizlib Input Form truly bullet-proof and fit to meet all enterprise security standards. And it works smoothly with Qlik’s existing security rules.



For one, as a super admin, you’re in control of all security rules. You can grant permissions and select who’s able to write back data and where. That’s absolutely key to prevent data loss and discrepancies – all easily managed from the Vizlib Management Console (VMC).



✅ Full view of audit trails

On top of that, you get a 360-degree view of the entire changelog.

With full audit trails, you’re able to monitor who’s made the changes, when, to what apps and specifically in which objects. Get this – you can even see the exact adjustments that were submitted! Your security and compliance team will love the auditing capabilities in Vizlib Server.


✅ Eliminate errors with locking function

Now, if you’re worried about too many people writing back at the same time, we’ve got this covered too.

 With the brand-new Locking feature, you’re able to lock the writeback destination, so only one person can edit specific data elements or rows at a time. Bring writeback to more people in your organisation and effortlessly manage the chaos of having lots of cooks in the kitchen.


Next on the Vizlib writeback roadmap

? Adding more writeback destinations, such as Oracle Native and Generic ODBC

? Approval workflows for smoother enterprise processes


Choose a data analytics solution for your business that preserves a single source of truth in your databases and in Qlik Sense. And take charge of your enterprise journey from insights to the right actions!


* – To enjoy these writeback capabilities, you must have access to the Vizlib Server, which comes at an additional cost. Drop us a message via support@vizlib.com for more information.



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