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Mayborn Group webinar highlights – retail product innovation

Mayborn Group webinar highlights – retail product innovation

Mayborn Group is a goods manufacturing organisation that had a problem to solve: how to consolidate its product specification process. 🤔 It was a task that required a powerful solution. Enter Qlik Sense and Vizlib.


The Mayborn Journey


In a recent webinar with our partner Mayborn Group, they unpacked how they resolved these challenges with the right analytics solution in Qlik. The event was hosted by Joe Warbington, Senior Director of Industry Solutions at Vizlib, with Dave Elliot, Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager, and Mark Little, Business Intelligence Specialist of Mayborn, discussing the new systems and experience.


Since the company owns the Tommee Tippee and Sippy Cup brands, it means their products have to be top-notch. When it came to product specifications, Mayborn was using four massive and clunky Excel workbooks — one for each of their regions — to capture all of the information. The entire process was time-consuming and prone to errors due to a lack of centralised governance.


Mayborn looked over its entire technology stack, tested a few solutions, and decided that Qlik Sense in combination with Vizlib’s value-added products would be the ideal solution.


Key Webinar Takeaways


  • Mayborn Group used a clunky spreadsheet system that was time-consuming and challenging.
  • Upgraded to a suite of Qlik Sense apps built around Vizlib Input Form and Writeback Table.
  • Created a centralised, governed process for product data creation.
  • Gained instant data accessibility for anyone who needs it.


 We looked at what we could do with Qlik Sense and Vizlib Collaboration; the Writeback functionality for tables and forms. It became very clear that it was a very strong contender. Dave Elliot, Mayborn Group.


In the webinar, Mark and Dave show examples of their new product details form, how it pulls through information from the data source and uses Vizlib’s writeback capability for live data changes.


For those of you who love looking at data solution implementation, Mark also shows off the PowerShell script they used.


Now, Mayborn Group has a holistic view of their product specification process, access control, and a log of who and when any information was changed.


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