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December 2019 release
December 30, 2019

Vizlib December 2019 Release


All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.



Introducing Vizlib Gantt!

The newest product in the Vizlib Product Family. 

No more missed deadlines. No more exceeded budgets. No scheduling conflicts, overlooked bottlenecks or inefficient workflows. ?❌ 

With Vizlib Gantt is perfect for: ✅ Visualising project planning and progress ✅ Resource planning ✅ Chronological timelines for long-term projects ✅ Visualising processes and workflows
& more! 

Please note that Vizlib Gantt is launching as a separate, stand-alone value-added product for Qlik Sense. 




How to Use Vizlib Gantt in Qlik Sense

Excited to get into visual planning with Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense? Here’s everything you need to know about using Vizlib Gantt for your Qlik Sense projects ?



2019 by the numbers:
Vizlib Year In Review



2019 has been our best year so far! And we’re SO grateful you were there for it all. As we’re about to enter a new decade (?), let’s look at the best moments and biggest achievements in 2019.   




Vizlib Finance Report 2.3.0



NEW Feature Alert! ?️ Actually, make that two. Vizlib Finance Report for Qlik Sense now supports:
?️ New fonts and font-sizes. Or if you can’t find a font you like, define your own font family!
?️ Collapse/expand all and expand/collapse at a level: fewer clicks, more joy!
➕ Many more cool features coming soon!



Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise Self-Service installer is here!

You can now install Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise on-premise by yourself, in less than 10 minutes! The Enterprise version allows you to: 1️⃣ store and access your comments & data securely on-premise
2️⃣ get access to capabilities such as selection hierarchies, bookmarks sharing + a selection of added integrations





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Want to know the latest enterprise analytics trends for your business in 2020? Discover how analytics and AI ? can augment human capacity! Check out our infographic below on how to up your business, generate more value & boost your competitive position in the new year!





Don’t get left behind! Data-driven marketing is THE route to tuning into customer needs & increasing revenue.


2019 Enablement Webinar

2020 is just around the corner! In this Vizlib enablement session, we’re demoing our latest products and capabilities and giving you a sneak preview of the upcoming releases in 2020! Start the new year strong by learning how to leverage Vizlib’s value-added products for Qlik Sense and be the first to know what exciting new releases we have coming up next!



Data Storytelling Webinar

Missed our datastorytelling webinar? No sweat ? – we’ve got the recording for you!

With vizlib + Qlik Sense, data stories come to life!



Three New Vizlib Monday Digest Articles ?️

Stay in the know with our weekly summaries of the most interesting articles on data analyticsbusiness intelligence and data visualisation from around the web! ?


Monday December 16th

Tune up your business with analytics





Monday December 9th

Leading your data story to a persuasive conclusion.  




Monday December 2nd

Power up your business with data and learn more about data for good.






Vizlib December 2019 Changelog:

Released 31/12/2019



Vizlib Filter

Bug Fixes ?

  • ButtonGroup selection issue when one selected values are enabled (v3.0.2)
  • Custom sorting expressions were not saved correctly after being applied (v3.0.2)
  • Filter only shows first 10,000 values (v3.0.2)
  • “One selected value” setting does not work correctly with “Default selection” (v3.0.1)
  • Searching for only 1 values causes engine errors (v3.0.1)
  • Filter not working in side menu of the Sheet Menu (v3.0.1)



Vizlib Line Chart

New Features ⚡️

  • Implement New smart data label display (Prevent label overlapping) (v3.3.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • No Multi Tooltip displayed when the Vizlib Line Chart is in a container (v3.2.2)
  • The line chart displays only one label in the axis description (v3.2.2)
  • Cannot open the fx button of the Visibility Condition immediately (v3.2.2)



Vizlib Sankey Chart

Bug Fixes ?

  • Incorrect display of Sankey in Master Item (v1.6.7)



Vizlib Mekko Chart

Bug Fixes ?

  • Selection not working in Qlik Sense November 2019 (v1.0.1)



Vizlib Advanced Text Object

Bug Fixes ?

  • Broken images after exporting App and then importing to different QS environment (v1.7.1)
  • Animation adds breaking line to text (v1.7.1)



Vizlib Pivot Table:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Pivot table does not respond to all Filter 3.0.1 value changes (v2.9.3)
  • Striped rows are not displayed when highlight is enabled (v2.9.2)
  • Conditional Show not working properly (v2.9.2)
  • Scrolling horizontally right and left changes styling (v2.9.2)
  • Inherited state not updating or accepting selection (v2.9.2)
  • Vizlib Pivot Table v2.8.1, v2.9.0 NPrinting data exports not working correctly (v2.9.2)



Vizlib Table:

Bug Fixes ?

  • Mini Chart is blank with some Set Analysis syntax (v3.6.4)
  • Console error after selecting any option from “Representation” module and adding table to master item / Container (v3.6.4)



Vizlib Scatter Chart:

Bug Fixes?

  • Cannot create Scatter Chart in Qlik Sense November 2019 (v3.0.5)
  • Measure tooltip not displayed inside a Vizlib Container Grid (v3.0.4)
  • Expression with conditions not immediately rendered for bubble styling in alternative dimensions (v3.0.4)
  • Drilldown Icon Incorrect in June’19 & Sept’19 (v3.0.4)




Self Service Custom Report:




New Features ⚡️

  • Adding selections/filter ability to Custom Report dimensions (v3.3.0)
  • Add Support for Alternate States (v3.3.0)
  • Improve Data Sets and Preset list (v3.3.0)
  • Introduce “Force background color” setting for custom report (v3.3.0)
  • Context menu options for Vizlib Pivot (v3.3.0)
  • Improve switch dataset options in context menu (v3.3.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Warning messages when using Vizlib visualisations (v3.3.0)
  • Drag and drop to dataset does not work in Qlik Sense September 2019 (v3.3.0)



Vizlib Finance Report:


Bug Fixes ?

  • Finance report is missing rows (v2.3.1)
  • Rendering issues for snapshot story exports (v2.3.0)

New Features ⚡️

  • Add expand/collapse options to the context menu (v2.3.0)
  • Add font-family and font size options (v2.3.0)
  • Add conditional show Calculation Condition for dimensions & measures like in Vizlib Pivot (v2.3.0)



Vizlib Collaboration:




New Features ⚡️

  • Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise Self-Service Installation Guide (find it here)



  • V1.0.0 Released!



Extension Versions:

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