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October 2019 release
October 29, 2019

Vizlib October 2019

All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.



Vizlib Advanced Text Object v1.7.0

Add Export Data to Vizlib Actions



A small step for Vizlib, a huge one for every Qlik Sense user. Introducing “Export Data” to our Vizlib Actions. Define a set of dimensions & measures, and dynamically export your data set with the click of a button. No need to pre-design calculation expensive tables, or a chart – export only the data you need, as many columns and rows as you want. We understand your need for speed.



Vizlib Sheet Menu v1.10.0


We have updated the Sheet menu for you!  Now you can view the Vizlib Calendar in expanded mode! You may need to make a few size adjustments to get the full expanded view of the Vizlib Calendar. Plus, we’ve added an option for “no sheet” in sheet link. So now you can continue using top menu buttons (paired with Vizlib Actions) without having to navigate to another sheet!



Two New Vizlib Monday Digest Articles ?️

Stay in the know with our weekly summaries of the most interesting articles on data analyticsbusiness intelligence and data visualisation from around the web! ?


Monday October 28th

This week we delve into the dark web and data security! Join us if you dare!




Monday October 21st

This time we’re featuring Qlik’s: ‘The Data Literacy Project’.






New Enablement Videos!

How to use measures in the Vizlib Table



We’ve just added another bunch of Vizlib Table for Qlik Sense videos.? If you need a little how-to help, head straight there! ? More videos coming soon!



Upcoming Webinar!

November 13th



As our partner, Ginqo says: Seeing is Believing! Join in the knowledge share at Ginqo’s upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 13 November. Featuring Vizlib’s advanced visualisation extensions and our collaboration tool—the best way to bring people and data together! Don’t miss out on your chance to see the data come alive!



Happy Halloween!

??It’s Halloween time – ready for your dose of scary movies? Take a look at our horror movie dashboard to help you choose your next nail-biting film. Featuring the Vizlib Bar Chart and Sankey Chart to guide your spooky night of entertainment. Thanks Joe Warbington for the great dashboard!




Data Revolution Tour with Qlik!


John Sands stopped by our stand at Qlik’s London Data Revolution Tour to chat with our CEO, Martin Mahler, about the latest goings-on at Vizlib ? Watch the taster video here. ?  More to come after the New York event on the 14th of November! ??



Final Three Stops on the Tour!

Although we’ve had a blast on the Data Revolution Tour so far, there’s still more to come! We’ll be exhibiting in Stockholm and San Francisco on the 6th, and finishing up in the Big Apple on the 14th of November. Register now and come by our stand to grab a pair of Vizlib Socks (and to chat about our amazing products… obviously)

Click to register!





Vizlib September 2019 Changelog:

Released 31/10/2019



Vizlib Heatmap




Performance ?

  • Memory optimisation (v1.10.4)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Copying a Heatmap with custom color expression produces errors (v1.10.4)
  • Incorrect colors after clearing selections (v1.10.3)
  • X-axis rendering is off in Qlik Sense Desktop (v1.10.3)
  • Sometimes renders only the axis labels (v1.10.3)
  • Drilldown Icon Incorrect in june’19 & sept’19 (v1.10.3)
  • Heatmap inside container doesn’t work with variable-driven colors (v1.10.2)
  • Labels displayed horizontally instead of vertically on QS desktop (v1.10.2)



Vizlib Combo Chart




Performance ?

  • Browser sometimes slows down when Vizlib Combo Chart is initialised (v1.4.2)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Drilldown Icon Incorrect in june’19 & sept’19 (v1.4.3)
  • Legend Sort Order reversed compared to data section (v1.4.3)
  • Alt drill-down dimension not working with Vizlib Combo Chart in Master item (v1.4.3)
  • Dates and points don’t work anymore after the upgrade from 1.3 to 1.3.3 (v1.4.3)
  • Adding localization to number formatting (v1.4.2)
  • Corrected minor issues on a date or duration axis (v1.4.2)
  • No inheritance of calculated label from master items (v1.4.2)
  • Improved accuracy minicharts (v1.4.2)
  • Bars not always stacking (v1.4.2)
  • Corrected axis number formatting (v1.4.2)
  • Axis Label overlaps with y ticks (v1.4.2)
  • Corrected issues with overlapping bars (v1.4.2)



Vizlib Sheet Menu:




New Features ⚡️

  • Allow Vizlib Calendar to show expanded (v1.10.0)
  • Added option for “no sheet” in sheet link (v1.10.0)
  • Support app navigation links within the Vizlib Sheet Menu (v1.9.4)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Using fullscreen on IE (v1.9.5)
  • Tooltips not evaluating expressions (v1.9.5)
  • Top Menu takes over page on mobile device in portrait mode (v1.9.5)
  • Sheet menu is cutting the screen at the bottom by 10% (v1.9.5)
  • Sheet menu prevents export Story in Live mode  (v1.9.5)
  • Side Bar padding on mobile (v1.9.5)
  • Scroll on mobile doesn’t always work (v1.9.5)
  • Sheet Menu Item Background Color variable not working (v1.9.4)
  • Tooltips not showing / Tooltip does not disappear (v1.9.4)



Vizlib Slider:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Slider Not Setting Variable in Whole Number Increments (v1.0.7)



Vizlib KPI Designer:




Bug Fixes ?

  • KPI Designer custom Font not working (v1.7.4)
  • Auto-sizing of text incorrectly applied (v1.7.4)
  • Background color covers image layers (v1.7.4)
  • BulletChart layer appears too small after upgrade (v1.7.4)
  • Number separators from the load script are ignored (v1.7.3)
  • Image thumbnail from Media Library does not display any image (v1.7.3)
  • Broken images after exporting App and then importing to different QS environment (v1.7.3)
  • Zooming out and in- some data disappear but then reappear when refreshing the page (v1.7.2)
  • Clicking on the Text icon overwrites the title of the layer (v1.7.2)
  • After exiting Full Screen, the bullet chart is not displayed correctly (v1.7.2)
  • Remove “Export Data” option in context menu (v1.7.2)



Line Chart:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Line Chart displays incorrect data when using small constant value in measure (v3.2.1)
  • Inverted Comma thousand separator is displayed incorrectly on the axis (v3.2.1)
  • Values cut off at the top and at the bottom of the chart  (v3.2.1)
  • Horizontal/Vertical background stopped working (v3.2.1)



Vizlib Table:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Minicharts sensitive for filters (even with set analysis used) (v3.6.3)
  • Export is incorrectly formatted when a column is hidden (v3.6.3)
  • Show Total not working when using Progress Representation (v3.6.2)
  • Dragging outside of the table area triggers an error message (v3.6.2)
  • Table snapshot shows current selection instead of snapshot/bookmarked selection in story (v3.6.2)
  • Rows missing in “Export Formatted Data to Excel” (v3.6.2)
  • Set analysis was not working with minicharts (previously not supported) (v3.6.2)



Vizlib Container Grid:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add option for left/right side by side grid layout (v2.3.3)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Custom Icon not displayed in QS Sept 2019 (v2.3.5)
  • Error with Export to Image/PDF (v2.3.5)
  • Container carousel icons are missing on Sept’19 (v2.3.4)
  • Vizlib Container forces use of default proxy (v2.3.4)
  • Vizlib Container Grid 2.3.2 active condition not working (v2.3.3)

Performance ?

  • Reduce initial load time, loading between 20-30% faster (v2.3.3)



Vizlib Pivot Table:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add ability Hide header row (v2.8.2)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Pivot table columns issue (v2.8.4)
  • Duplicated Zero when using Formatted as Number (v2.8.3)
  • Indent not kept in Story mode (v2.8.3)
  • Pivot Table doesn’t show ‘Other’ label (v2.8.3)
  • In analysis mode no longer access to wizard once there is no dimension (v2.8.3)
  • Pivot Totals label displayed when totals are not enabled (v2.8.3)
  • Measures and dimensions do not refresh simultaneously when scrolling (v2.8.3)
  • Pivot Table exports blank object to story (v2.8.3)
  • “calculation Condition is not fulfilled” error message when Vizlib Filter Default value is used in the same sheet (v2.8.2)
  • Converting Table to Pivot results in indicator parameters being empty (v2.8.2)
  • Numbers in strings are exported as value instead of text  (v2.8.2)
  • In Qlik Sense desktop, drop-down selection stays on screen after selection complete (v2.8.2)
  • Not displaying correct snapshot under Stories (v2.8.2)
  • Pivot Table can be exported although user has no export privilege (v2.8.2)



Vizlib Bar Chart:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add option to disable the sum of positives label when we hover over the dimension (v2.3.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Tooltip colors not matching bar color (v2.3.1)
  • Bar chart paint / print fix (v2.3.1)
  • Bar Chart overlaping doesn’t work (v2.3.0)
  • Barchart bars start at the end of the axis instead of the front (v2.3.0)
  • Alternative Dimension missing label names (v2.2.2)
  • Drilldown Icon Incorrect (v2.2.2)
  • Scale ignores set value (v2.2.2)
  • Negative values not displayed correctly (v2.2.2)
  • No data error when running story export (v2.2.2)
  • Bar Chart produces blank NPrinting output (v2.2.1)
  • Master item labels were not displayed (v2.2.1)
  • Some bars are missing when over 300 bars are used (with scroll enabled) (v2.2.1)
  • Axis labels shortened when Bar Chart inserted inside a Container Grid (v2.2.1)



Vizlib Sankey Chart:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Drilldown Icon Incorrect in June’19 & Sept’19 (v1.6.6)
  • Master item label is not displayed on the chart. (v1.6.6)



Vizlib Advanced Text Object:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add Export Data to Vizlib Actions (v1.7.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Missing Icon in Context Menu (v1.7.0)
  • Actions fired on right click (v1.7.0)



Vizlib Calendar:




New Features ⚡️

  • Add Support for derived fields (autocalendar) (v1.5.2)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Calendar does not always have top alignment (v1.5.2)
  • Vizlib Calendar – Some calendars are created “squashed” (v1.5.2)



Vizlib Filter:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Pivot table produce “calculation Condition is not fulfilled” message when V Filter Default value is used in the same sheet (v2.3.2)



Vizlib Scatter Chart:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Master item label not shown (v3.0.3)
  • Tooltip displays measures as undefined (v3.0.3)
  • Scatter Chart trendline – Exponential R-squared values error (v3.0.3)



Self Service Custom Report:




Bug Fixes ?

  • Icons displayed when they should not and misleading text (v3.1.2)
  • Error messages when Custom Report inside CL-Container on QS Feb 2019 (v3.1.2)
  • After scrolling down the metrics search bar, the search resets (v3.1.2)
  • Full screen window icon always on (v3.1.2)



Self Service Container Box




Bug Fixes ?

  • Full screen window icon always on (v1.3.7)
  • Error msg – Incomplete visualization on feb’19 (v1.3.7)




Finance Report




Bug Fixes ?

  • Special characters in Finance Report makes export not possible (v2.2.1)



Extension Versions:


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