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vizlib demo sports apps
July 20, 2021

Our favourite Vizlib sports apps

Sports and business have many things in common, but the real MVP is data. 🏅 Both are rich with statistics, strategies, and an abundance of information that can be mined and used to improve how we do things. Data provides previously undiscovered insights. In basketball, for instance, analysts use data to improve gameplays, coaching strategies, and are actually changing how the game is played! 🏀

At Vizlib, we love sports. And, we understand the power of data. So, combining the two is first prize! (Plus we get to show off our new products and features using all kinds of sports!)

Here are our favourite sports apps that we want to share with you – including demos that you can download and use in Qlik Sense!

Hockey – The Stanley Cup Playoffs

stanley cup scatter plot example

With the power of Vizlib Scatter Plot, you can see the players’ movements in relation to one another on the ice, over time. This type of app happens to be an excellent way to plan out future strategies. To use it, simply grab one of the player’s dots and move them on the ice, or click on the players to see a visual trail of their movement.

The Scatter chart with snail trails is useful for more than just sports data. Have you ever wanted to see how products or regions perform on metrics over time? Usually, you’d need multiple charts to show this while filtering the data back and forth between time periods. By using the Vizlib Scatter Chart, you can easily display results over time and see the motion in relation to other points on the grid.

We built this Qlik Sense app with Vizlib Library (Scatter Chart, KPI Designer) and Collaboration (Writeback Table). The Writeback Table allows you to use Qlik as an active score keeping system and see everything update instantly. Does your child play hockey, football, or basketball? You could use Writeback to capture the action and show the team how important teamwork is, highlighting not only the scores but also passes and assists.

You can download the app here.

Premier League

premier league example

This app showcases the power of Vizlib Table’s formatting options to craft a neat looking football fixtures & standings table. It leverages capabilities such as the display of images, icons, HTML support, and custom formatting. Nearly every dashboard your organisation builds will have a table (likely plenty) and now you’re no longer stuck with basic vanilla layouts anymore!

We built this app with Vizlib Library, more specifically, Vizlib Table. With the Table extension, users can arrange data in a way that’s easy-to-read, use, and act upon. It also includes HTML tooltips, dynamic column resizing, and other visual features.

You can download it here.

PGA Tour

PGA US Open Tournament app

The US Open PGA Tournament is the largest men’s golf tournament in the United States. Players from all over the world participate for a chance to win the converted cup – not to mention there’s a wealth of player data attached to it.

By utilising the functionality of Vizlib Tiles, users can choose from the 2019 or 2020 US Open data and view the full leaderboard! Also included in this application is a historical breakdown of past tournaments and player metrics.

We built this app with Vizlib Library (Line Chart, Bar Chart, KPI Designer, Filter, Sheet Menu) and Self-Service (Tiles).

You can download it here.

Euro 2020

Saying that Vizlib is full of football enthusiasts is an understatement. We followed Euro 2020 with absolute anticipation, and we’re sure you did too. And, as you guessed it, we built an app!

By using writeback, the scores are manually entered and displayed using Vizlib Tiles. Users can also explore previous tournament data dating back to 1960. Analyse home and away team goals and previous locations where each tournament was held.

We built this app using Vizlib Library (Line Chart, Scatter Chart, Bar Chart, Heatmap), Self-Service (Tiles, Toolbar), and Collaboration (Writeback Table).

You can download it here.

There’s more than just sports

As a teaser, we are creating an app to celebrate the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 event! Keep an eye out for our social media post on the 23rd of July.

The Vizlib Demo Apps gallery is filled with more than just sports examples. From Call Center and Talent Management examples, to the Friends TV show and Kickstarter projects – there are many examples to inspire you, help you fast track development, and get more value from your Qlik Sense + Vizlib solutions.

You can check out all of our demo apps here. If you’d like to book a demo to see Vizlib live in action, contact our helpful sales team.

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