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Free Starter

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For individuals and small teams evaluating Vizlib

  • Free for up to 5 users
  • Available for all products
  • Access to all features
  • No time limit
  • Comes with Vizlib Watermark
  • Designed for evaluation purposes

Vizlib Professional+

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Up to 100

For agile teams investing in better analytics

    Free starter benefits +

  • Custom plan tailored to team size
  • Scale up or down any time
  • No Vizlib Watermark
  • Prioritised support via live chat or email
  • Billed monthly or yearly
  • Credit card payments only

Vizlib Enterprise+

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For large teams with 100+ Qlik users and/or for on-premise deployments

    Vizlib Professional benefits +

  • Optional on-premise installation: 100% offline, behind your firewall
  • Qlik OEM, Core & Capacity-based licenses available
  • Bundled pricing that meets your business needs
  • Premium support via dedicated live chat, email or video channels
  • Designated customer success manager
  • Prioritised feature requests
  • Emergency bug fixes
  • Payment by invoicing & Custom contract lengths
  • Used by 1000+ customers worldwide
  • No implementation fee, no coding required
  • Hands-on support with all plans
  • All verticals, all use cases
  • #1 in the Qlik ecosystem
  • Fully TED-accredited

Fully compatible with the whole Qlik Analytics Platform

  • Mashups
  • Qlik Sense SaaS - Limited liability.
    Click here for a list of Qlik SaaS functionality
  • Storytelling Mode
  • nPrinting
  • iPads/mobile
  • Qlik Alerting

What’s supported?

  • Qlik Sense
  • Full support for our Support & Support+* customers against the current (1 month from general release) & previous 5 major releases
  • Best endeavours support against older releases
  • Manual QA against the latest version or stated version in the customer bug
  • Automated regression QA against the current & previous 5 major releases
  • Export
  • Support for extension (image, pdf & data), export story to pdf (& ppt) and NPrinting
  • Mashups
  • Limited support against the current major release only for external mashup server infrastructure & various layers of custom code
  • Manual regression QA only
  • Qlik Sense SaaS
  • Qlik Sense SaaS - Limited liability. Click here for a list of Qlik SaaS functionality
  • List of known limitations are available here

* Support customers include Professional or Basic Enterprise products. Support+ customers include Enterprise Premium products.

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Everything you wanted to ask about Vizlib
Is there any Catalogue which includes all the products?

Keen to learn more about our 5 value-added products for Qlik Sense?

To download the relevant product catalogues, follow the links below:

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Collaboration

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Gantt

Vizlib Finance

Why is there a watermark and how do I remove it?

For all non-subscribed Vizlib users, we apply a transparent watermark across all our products. The watermark is removed once users subscribe to Vizlib products.

This watermark indicates that you are using a free trial version of Vizlib. We recommend that you only use the free trial version for evaluation purposes, rather than in your actual app development.

You can remove this watermark from your Vizlib products by following one of these three options:

  • Subscribe to a Vizlib Professional license by signing up for at least 10 users
  • Subscribe to a Vizlib Enterprise license (100+ users) by contacting
  • Request a free three-week trial by contacting

Please email us at if you have any questions.

What is a Vizlib user license?

The Vizlib user license allows an individual to use all Vizlib value-added products in the Qlik Sense environment, based on their Qlik UserID. This is the same whether you are an app developer, app user or end user. A Vizlib license will account for all use cases for that one named user.

When the user license reaches the five-user maximum limit, any new users trying to access the product will receive a message prompting them to upgrade from the free-trial version.

How are user licenses assigned?

One Vizlib user license allows an individual to use a Vizlib product in their Qlik Sense environment based on their respective UserID and User directory. This is the same whether they are an app developer, app user or end-user. A Vizlib license will account for all use cases for that one named user and is the same as an assigned Qlik Sense token.

As a consequence, if a user has the same User directory/User ID in several environments, then only one Vizlib license will be consumed.

On the other hand, a user may have the same user ID from different User directories. In this case, separate Vizlib licenses will be consumed.


QS environment A:

David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID= David.Alcobero

QS environment B:

David Alcobero: User Directory=Acme User ID= David.Alcobero

QS environment C:

David Alcobero: User Directory=Vizlib User ID = David.Alcobero

When David logs into all three QS environments, two Vizlib licenses will be consumed.

Can I release Vizlib user licenses for a different user?

Yes, when subscribed to Vizlib Professional, you can log in to the Vizlib portal and release licenses, these will then be consumed by the next new user on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Licenses are released immediately and there's no quarantine.

Can I add or reduce more users after I sign up?

Yes, you can log in to the Vizlib user portal and increase or decrease the number of users as you wish. You can find this information in the Licence Allocation section.

Your subscription will automatically be charged pro-rata with the new invoice updated at the end of the month.

How do you handle billing if I change the number of users mid month?

We automatically do a pro-rata calculation. So if you have 10 users for the first half of the month and you add another 3 users, you will only be charged for the additional users in the second half of the month.

The additional pro-rated users will be billed at the next month together with the renewal.

Do you offer a free trial for Vizlib Enterprise?

We do!

Up to five users can use a free Vizlib trial, but if you are planning to subscribe to Vizlib Enterprise, we are happy to activate a three-week long trial period*, where you can use Vizlib:

a) With more users (up to 100)

b) In Offline mode

c) Without the Watermark

During this three-week trial period we will also monitor and prioritise support queries.

Please contact if you're interested in a Vizlib trial for your organisation.

*Subject to availability - there is a limit on the number of enterprise trials we offer in a given month.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

If you have one of the Professional plans, you can cancel your subscription at any time via the Vizlib user portal.

Select the Billing and Payment option from your account settings to display your subscription details.

Click Cancel, and your Vizlib subscription will expire at the end of the month.

If you're an Enterprise customer, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Does Vizlib look at any of my data?

Vizlib does not transfer any data outside of the client site. Our platform is push only, meaning we do a license check only, then push the code to be executed on the local machine (for Vizlib Professional trial users). It works the same way the Qlik Sense Server authenticates the license.

You can find further information in our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Note.

Does Vizlib work offline?

Vizlib offline mode is available to Vizlib Enterprise customers and cannot be purchased via a Vizlib Professional subscription.

Vizlib Enterprise customers can download our solutions for use in offline mode, which is 100% offline, behind your own firewall.

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