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April 22, 2021

Qlik analytics platform: meeting modern BI needs

Meeting the needs of modern business means changing how organisations work with data. Qlik, a leader for the 11th year running in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI, continues to bring data and humans closer together. 

Yet, according to Qlik, a mere 24% of business owners consider themselves data literate. So how do Qlik get it right? Well, for a start, their analytics solutions are easy to use. 

Since Qlik platforms cater to a broad range of users, you don’t need to be a super-technical developer or business analyst to understand how the software works or get the most from its intelligent and integrative features.

And it’s these features that enable analytics solutions to keep up with the times. Many know that QlikView was instrumental in kicking off the data revolution. However, developers have since taken a giant leap from stack technology to far more interactive solutions.

Qlik Sense is a newer iteration aimed at truly bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights. Built with the user in mind, Sense offers an intuitive and interactive model that encourages more users to explore data.

Let’s take a look at how the Qlik Sense platform is fit-for-purpose in modern BI:

1. Conversational Analytics

Qlik Sense features a fast and easy way for users to ask and answer questions and discover insights, using natural language interaction. Featuring an integrated chatbot, you can ask questions and receive accurate data and visual analytics, to better grasp your data. The conversational analytics makes it easy for you to access and interpret your data. To give you an idea – you can bring up sales data over the previous five years or compare your best-selling product’s price margin and then request a visual representation of that data that is easier to digest!

2.  Self-service Business Intelligence

With Qlik Sense’s self-service BI approach, users can easily explore data, generate insights and create their own dashboards or reports with the simple drag and drop feature. Qlik Sense users can easily create and manage an application from start to finish without needing serious technical knowledge. And be empowered to make better decisions, regardless of their analytical skills.

Really, the extra magic in Qlik Sense lies in its embedded and augmented analytics capabilities that do most of the heavy lifting for the end-user.

Vizlib Self-Service offers easy-to-use ad hoc reporting in Qlik Sense, and even includes a Google-type search function for fun, easy data exploration!

Search through data with a familiar Google-style search function in Vizlib Self-Service
simplifying self-service reporting in Qlik Sense

3. Mobility

Qlik Sense is completely browser-based and mobile-ready, so users can access the platform from any device. The solution is highly intuitive, so you don’t need any extra development for mobile access. It automatically adapts to each device.

Equipped with a gesture-based touch user interface, you have data management at your fingertips. Gone are the days where problem-solving only took place at work. Have an urgent issue that requires attention? Simply launch your Qlik Sense platform on your mobile and solve problems on the go. ?

4. AI and Machine Learning technology

Machine intelligence meets human intuition with Qlik Sense. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, users have their own intelligent assistant – Insight Advisor. Insight Advisor delivers augmented analytics which enhances analytics across all phases of the data cycle. With augmented analytics, you can access intelligent analytics, such as evaluating performance for individual sales reps. With AI and machine learning, the algorithms do all the work – even providing suggestions that you didn’t know you needed. ?

5. Enterprise governance and scalability

Qlik Sense provides enterprise-level management that monitors, centrally manages, controls, and keeps user data safe. The data is monitored through the Qlik Management Console (QMC) that controls all Qlik Sense services.

Users can also load and analyse a large amount of data due to Qlik’s scalability. Its scalability tools also help users measure their performance and load to understand the platforms performance impact and whether you require additional hardware resources.

6. Qlik Associative Engine

The driving force behind Qlik Sense is the powerful Qlik Associative Engine. It compresses all data from various sources into Qlik Sense’s memory. This allows more data to be processed and used. This powerful, in-memory data engine enables users to rapidly explore various data, without writing any queries.

The associative engine also performs speeds that are unmatched by any other BI tool. Users can analyse data faster and make better business decisions that keep pace with the business!


Qlik’s approach to analytics is something all businesses need. It’s essential in streamlining your processes and workflows and improving productivity. The more user-friendly BI tools are, the more users will engage with your data, positively impacting business decisions.

Boost user adoption in your organisation with Qlik Sense plus Vizlib’s highly intuitive, powerful value-added products. Get ready for a new data-driven world!


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