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Vizlib and Qlik - Create ideal data solution
April 24, 2023

Qlik and Vizlib: Empowering data-driven decisions

Are you getting the most out of your data? Studies suggest that, despite the well-known importance of using Big Data to inform business decisions, only 21% of the global workforce feel confident in their data literacy skills.

Providing employees of all skill levels and disciplines with easy-to-understand data is imperative to encourage collaboration and drive better decision-making. However, improved data literacy can only be achieved with the right data solution.

Self-service BI tools enable organisations to take full control of their data and ensure that it is presented in a way that works for their business and their users. By constructing a solution that your organisation can manage and customise, you can help improve data insights, drive efficiency, and turn anyone in your business into a data analyst.

Qlik is a powerful data analytics tool that lets you personalise your data experience and analyse insights in real-time. In this article, we explore what Qlik does, how VizLib can enhance your Qlik environment, and how you can get started to level up your Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Why it’s important to have a data analytics solution that works for you 

In the past, making data-driven decisions involved waiting hours, days or even weeks for your data analysts to pull a BI report. Today, modern technology has simplified data management, enabling all team members to gain valuable insights in the moment.

Self-service BI tools empower organisations of all shapes and sizes to personalise their data solution for better customer experience instead of using a standardised, out-of-the-box service that isn’t built for the specific needs of your business.

Self-service data analytics platforms like Qlik enable organisations to build a data solution that works for them. Self-service BI techniques allow users to establish data quality standards, eliminate costs imposed by third parties, and gain deeper insight into large datasets. 

A self-managed data solution enables all employees to access data in real-time and become more involved in making data-driven decisions.   

Modern BI solutions use Active Intelligence to take a dynamic and proactive approach to data analytics by enabling real-time updates and data sharing, triggering instant action and enhancing collaboration.

How do Qlik and Vizlib work together? 

Qlik powers data-driven decisions 

Qlik is a single SaaS platform that brings flexibility and personalisation to data management, enabling organisations to determine how and where they deploy, store and analyse data.

Moreover, it’s the only Cloud platform built for Active Intelligence (using technology such as advanced Artificial Intelligence), meaning data analysis is possible in real-time, with better collaboration opportunities and instantly delivering actionable insights. 

The Qlik platform’s use of DataOps converts large amounts of raw data into structured data that’s easy to find and immediately available to any analytics tool.

Perhaps most importantly for the many organisations struggling with data literacy – Qlik’s intuitive no-code interface empowers users at any skill level to freely explore data, discover trends and draw their own conclusions.

Turn data analytics into data storytelling with Vizlib 

Vizlib’s suite of value-added products for Qlik Sense enables users to uncover meaningful insights faster by providing unique tools to enhance data visualisation, collaboration and data literacy.

With Vizlib, it’s easy to build visually attractive, personalised dashboards that integrate seamlessly with your brand.

But why is data visualisation important? Well, by simplifying data insight and putting them into an easy-to-read format, you can boost data adoption and encourage collaboration across your organisation, leading to better business and financial choices. 

How Vizlib products supercharge your Qlik Sense Analytics 

Vizlib empowers Qlik users to take their BI capabilities to the next level. By adding Vizlib’s ready-to-use extension products to your Qlik Sense environment, your team can easily design and share dashboards, access writeback capabilities, modernise reports, improve project planning resources, and more.

Leveraging Qlik’s no-code approach, Vizlib products help Business Intelligence teams save time on development and quickly make complex information more accessible to everyone.

What Vizlib products are available via Qlik Sense, and how can they enhance your data solution?

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Library can help you save time on reporting by transforming your Qlik Sense environment to a data storytelling platform with its range of powerful visual analytics features. 

With Vizlib Library, you can build dashboards to suit your organisation’s needs, making large datasets easy to digest. You can create up to 20 customised charts and easily share them with your teammates to uncover key trends and insights. 

Vizlib Library is perfect for businesses that want full control of how they present their data. From colour schemes to font styles and chart navigation, Vizlib Library gives you the freedom and confidence to make the most of your data.   Vizlib Library

Vizlib Collaboration

Decisions are best made with the input and opinions of all team members. According to Deloitte, diversity of thought produces creativity and enhances innovation by 20%. 

Vizlib Collaboration provides Qlik Sense users with essential communication channels, encouraging users from all areas of your organisation to work together, conduct analysis and share ideas.

For instance, Vizlib Collaboration features a Writeback Table, which allows users to easily edit, comment on and update data points directly in the dashboard. The Writeback Table is fully customisable, allowing you to seamlessly add new data using dropdowns, free text fields, radio buttons, date pickers, tags and more.

Vizlib Teamwork helps you bring your team together for collective intelligence. Users can start discussions in their dashboards, call out interesting data points with contextualised comments, and share their views with other team members. Using the power of machine learning, team members can ask and answer questions in minutes through real-time conversation.

Meanwhile, Vizlib Input Form captures user input and enters new data points into published Qlik Sense apps, connecting endpoints using REST. Then, it can share dynamic data with almost any business tool from another system, including Slack, Gmail or your CRM. The tool also empowers predictive analytics by updating variables to explore what-if scenarios.

Lastly, see changes instantly reflected in your dashboards and improve data visualisation with Vizlib Server. This integration enables users to write back directly to a chosen SQL database, saving users time, creating more efficient workflows and improving data transparency.

Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Self-service

Vizlib Self-service was built with independent data exploration in mind. It can enhance your Qlik Sense environment by empowering your employees to read and understand a large amount of data with little to no experience with data analytics. 

The Self-Service extension features a web-like search interface that allows users to query a dataset by typing or speaking. This way, all users (from non-technical to super-users) can explore data and discover valuable insights faster.

Users can also quickly produce swanky reports using a library of templates and convert data analysis into stunning visualisations. If needed, you can export these reports to new applications or sheets at the touch of a button – customer experience is constantly at the forefront.

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Finance

It’s never been more critical for businesses to have complete visibility and control over money matters. Vizlib Finance makes your Qlik Sense financial reports more visually dynamic and compelling, providing finance teams with a single source of truth and turning raw data into actionable insights. 

Users can easily combine data from multiple sources with clear visuals for accurate and easy-to-understand financial insights. The tool automatically reduces the risk of manual errors and delivers fast, efficient P&Ls and balance sheet reports.

Vizlib Finance

Vizlib Gantt

Vizlib Gantt is a valuable and intuitive Qlik Sense extension that helps teams track projects, plan resources and optimise workflows effectively. The tool lets users keep on top of project progress easily, delivering a 360-view of the entire project timeline.

Vizlib Gantt also features custom milestones and progress bars so you can understand priorities and pain points for each project. In addition, you can also use filters to focus on the most urgent project tasks and allocate the right resources.

Prorail gantt

Vizlib Live!

When making the right data decisions requires speed and agile navigation of Cloud data, Vizlib Live! enables users to uncover crucial data discoveries without leaving their Qlik Sense platform. 

Vizlib Live! supports your data analytics journey every step of the way by integrating seamlessly with Cloud data sources like Snowflake, Dremio and Google Big Query. By combining in-memory BI and live-query BI, Vizlib Live! enables you to unlock the full potential of your data; whether you’re an experienced data analyst or an everyday business user, Vizlib Live! is the user-friendly solution for better data management and visualisation. 

How to get started with Vizlib via Qlik 

To access Vizlib’s suite of data visualization solutions, you must first be a Qlik user. You can try 30 days of Qlik for free by heading to this page for a quick and easy sign-up. Once you’re set up with Qlik, adding Vizlib’s products to your Qlik Sense environment couldn’t be more straightforward. You can also easily register up to five free users here

For more detailed instructions on setting up Vizlib on a Qlik Sense server, click here. Or, to install from a Qlik Sense desktop, there’s a separate set of instructions here.

Supercharge business intelligence with VizLib for Qlik Sense today 

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You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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