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Qlik Cloud x Vizlib
April 24, 2023

Qlik Cloud: How Qlik SaaS enhances your data analytics strategy

In today’s digital world, every important business decision should be made with data analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) helps organisations turn large datasets into meaningful conclusions that improve the customer experience. The actionable insights delivered are just one reason why the Big Data Analytics market is projected to reach $665.53 billion by 2029.

However, organisations must find the right data analytics platform to meet their needs. Businesses looking to maximise performance should look for Business Intelligence tools that enable real-time analysis for faster decision-making and present data in an easy-to-digest format that all employees can read and understand.

For the thirteenth year in a row, Qlik has received recognition from Gartner as a Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Its Cloud-first platform and powerful analytics engine are enhanced by AI, automation, and real-time data delivery, empowering companies in all sectors to elevate the value and impact of data across their entire organisation.  

Read on to learn more about Qlik SaaS, how it benefits your business (with use cases), and why Vizlib’s suite of data visualisation solutions can efficiently and effectively enhance your Qlik Sense environment.

What is Qlik? 

Qlik is the only Cloud platform built for Active Intelligence – delivering real-time, Artificial Intelligence-driven, collaborative data analytics.

The platform empowers your organisation to switch from a passive BI approach (relying on historical data to make decisions) to Active Intelligence, enabling teams to respond to issues as they evolve.

As a single SaaS platform with a no-code interface, Qlik is easy-to-use for all skill levels, with minimum development time for Business Intelligence (BI) teams. Users’ personal information is kept secure, and the platform uses automation to compel action in the moment.

Finally, Qlik’s use of predictive analytics and what-if scenario analysis also allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and prevent problems before they happen.

Use cases of working with Qlik

Integrate data 

Users can replicate data from on-premises or Cloud sources into Qlik Cloud and other leading Cloud data platforms to deliver a better customer experience. Your data is updated without manual intervention to discover insights, identify trends, and drive action faster.

For example, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had to extract and download data from 1,500 applications, with over 180 being 15 to 20 years old. Information had to be pulled at least once daily from more than 1000 applications (hourly for 350). JLR’s poor data analytics program used much of the organisation’s time, money and resources.

After evaluations, JLR decided that Qlik Replicate (part of the Qlik Data Integration platform) was the most efficient way to transfer unstructured data to various storage layers in the data lake.

As a direct result, JLR can now quickly respond to the regulatory demands of shifting global markets by exposing SAP data in real-time.

Drive data literacy 

To maximise informed and effective decision-making throughout an organisation, all employees must be able to read and understand data.

Qlik Sense uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help users understand large datasets and make data analytics more effective, minimising cognitive bias and amplifying discovery.

Global software organisation, Gray Associates, used Qlik Sense to help them make important financial decisions relating to the education industry. Over a period of ten years, the business had amassed a huge bank of data assets and methodologies to identify and predict the locations that enable institutions to reach the most students.

However, such a large amount of data made it difficult for clients to analyse and draw conclusions.

Qlik enabled the organisation to visualise millions of rows of data on one dashboard. Coloured heat maps now make it easy to identify opportunities or drawbacks, and clients have ongoing access to the results.

Trigger alerts through automation 

Easily turn insight into instant action with Qlik Sense. By embedding integrations into other applications, you can trigger alerts and activity automatically upon specific actions.

For example, your analysis shows that one of your target customers responds well to a new product or service. Using Qlik’s machine learning capabilities, your loyalty program is automatically triggered to maximise the potential for new business.

Enable quick decisions 

Qlik’s real-time data provides ‘in the moment’ decision-making, which is vital for fast-moving industries such as technology and retail.

Urban Outfitters, for example, has over 600 stores globally, so gaining daily visibility of actionable data was a problem, especially across different time zones. When Covid-19 hit, the company had to manage pandemic strategies. However, their poor data management proved to be a sticking point. 

By implementing Qlik, the organisation’s power BI capabilities were enhanced, and staff could see the real-time store and brand performance on interactive and easy-to-read dashboards.

Today, all employees can receive instant data on their individual store’s KPIs and act on those insights immediately.

How Vizlib works with Qlik 

All of Vizlib’s data analytics and visualisation products are powered by Qlik, leveraging its no-code approach for easy development and Active Intelligence for real-time updates and actionable insight. 

Adding Vizlib’s solutions to your Qlik Sense environment allows users to easily design custom dashboards and share them with colleagues, ask questions about data insights, simplify BI reporting, and more.

Similarly, by using visualisation techniques to turn data analytics into data storytelling, you can boost data adoption and encourage collaboration across your organisation. You can find out more about how Vizlib works with Qlik in our dedicated blog here. 

How to get started with Qlik and Vizlib 


Adding Vizlib’s products to your Qlik Sense environment can be done in just a few clicks – and you can register five users for free! To find out more about setting up Vizlib via Qlik, click here. To learn more about Vizlib, book a demo today!


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