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Qlik Cloud + Vizlib: Modern data analytics

Qlik Cloud + Vizlib: Modern data analytics

The last two years have seen businesses around the world rapidly expand their cloud strategies. With Forbes predicting global spending on cloud services to reach over $482 billion in 2022, we expect to see this investment continue this year. But what will be different about 2022 is how businesses approach cloud analytics. The pandemic accelerated the need to adopt cloud approaches but now is the time to implement strategies that will fully future-proof your business and optimise any cloud investment you’ve made so far. Analysing data in the cloud should become a top priority.

Why modern data analytics?

First, let’s look at what cloud analytics is and what it means for you. Cloud analytics is the process of storing and analysing data in the cloud. It can be more efficient than on-premises analytics as it removes the need to purchase, facilitate and maintain data centres.

Cloud analytics helps your business easily make sense of all your business data and, most importantly, make real-time decisions based on actionable insight. Having all that data at your fingertips is a game-changer.

By enabling cloud analytics, you can benefit from enhanced overall business operations that become more cohesive and improve collaboration by breaking down silos between teams. It also helps to minimise the need for complex processes by giving easier access to the right information and the right people.

For some businesses, it may be daunting to consider moving analytics into the cloud because of data privacy and control, but the benefits are far-reaching. By selecting the right cloud analytics partner that meets your security, compliance, and privacy needs, you can be confident that your data is managed securely.

The Qlik Cloud approach

Qlik Cloud (Qlik Sense SaaS) closes the gaps between data, insights, and action. It’s about shifting from passive, stale BI to active intelligence – a more dynamic relationship with data that supports real-time decisions and actions.

This new BI approach creates constant, in-the-moment awareness of all aspects of the business. As a result, you’re able to empower users of all skill levels to make data-driven decisions and trigger immediate actions.

Having that foundation in place will help you on your way to a successful cloud strategy.

Since this type of continuous intelligence is vital for modern, real-time insight, businesses should also consider the other key parts of the BI journey: dashboarding and how you visualise your data in Qlik Cloud.

Visualisation in the Qlik Cloud

As a trusted Qlik technology partner, Vizlib is well-versed in the power of Qlik. Our intuitive products supercharge your Qlik analytics – whether you’re using Qlik Sense Enterprise on-premise or Qlik’s Cloud capabilities – our features and functionality remain the same!

With either infrastructure, Vizlib gives you the power to bring your dashboards to life. If you’re deploying Vizlib products in Qlik SaaS (Qlik Cloud), data is available from a variety of sources.

So your ability to quickly pull insights from disparate sources, and analyse and collaborate with teams will transform how decisions are made across your business.Here’s a recent Help Center article delving deeper into Vizlib/Qlik SaaS compatibility, if you’d like to find out more. Ready to supercharge your Qlik analytics with Vizlib?

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Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

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